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Humanity is the base of mankind. The principle and the base of every religion is Humanity.



I am human and I can proudly say that my religion is humanity.

Humanity is the base of mankind. The principle and the base of every religion is Humanity. There are many cases involving abhorred crimes, riot, common violence, religion related terror activities which apply force to stop religion practices, & harasses women for not obeying to religious dress codes and violence over conversion.

My question is why you want, your religion should be followed by the one who is not even willing to follow it?

Why can’t we just acquire and acknowledge each and every religion and stay peacefully. As per my opinion, the one who cannot see god in all, cannot see god at all.


The motive of each and every religion is to gain esteem and care for one another & abolishing all the bars of discrimination. Service to humanity is service to god. If we give the time for the service of humankind, we can long live with peace of mind and the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. We can reach god only by serving mankind.

Humanity should be the major part of everyone’s life which teaches us to help and support others, everyone should make an effort to understand others and discern the individual’s problem and make an effort to assist them. For manifesting humanity, one doesn’t require to be wealthy, anybody can manifest humanity by aiding someone who is in need.

When anybody does something out of humanity, they can feel happiness, which anybody cannot sense from anything else. No religion is higher than humanity as every religion tells us about humanity, peace and love. Everyone should feel for what they are in this globe, as every religion teaches us humanity and the one who serves it, is the happiest person.


We human beings are neglecting our responsibility towards our motherland. India, is the second largest population nation in the world & is suffering from COVID 19 disease. Our country is in need of support from its people, that they come together and find the solution and win over this Pandemic with a positive spirit.

It is becoming human vs. humanity, as now if the people don’t work on saving humanity, then humanity will collapse. It’s not about human’s thinking in the identical way or executing the same thing. We all can work together for effective future and simultaneously be tolerant of our dissimilarity although keeping humanity as our foundation to construct upon.

The difference between religion and humanity –
The religion is the faith in and worship of a magical controlling force, mainly a specific god or gods, whereas humanity is mankind – human beings as a whole.


Article 25 – 30 of Indian Constitution talks about the freedom of religion. And offences related to religion were constituted in the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Sections 295 to 298 deal with the offences related to religion. Their foundation is based on the principle that every human being has the freedom to follow his or her religion and no man is justified in law to offend the religion of the other.

It is applicable to everyone to have mutual esteem for any person following any different religion. Offending or criticizing any human for the religion he follows is not acceptable and is an offence under Indian Penal Code.

So, anyone who intentionally disrespect or insult another’s religion give rise to disturbance, annoyance – all these acts are punishable under the XV Chapter of the Indian Penal Code.

Section 295 under IPC –

Hurting or spoiling place of worship done with the intention to offend the religion of any class.

Section 295A under IPC –

Intentional and malicious acts, planned to outrage religious feelings of any class by offending its religion or religious faiths.

Section 296 under IPC –

Disturbing religious gathering.

Section 297 under IPC –

Enter without permission on burial location, etc.

Section 298 under IPC –

Emitting, words, etc. with conscious intention to cause harm to the religious feelings of any human.

In the case Mir Chittan v. Emeperor, it was held that the accused was liable under section 298 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 as the accused killed a cow in the presence of Hindus for a wedding feast even after knowing that it will offend their religious feelings.


Humanity is the base of each and every religion. Everyone should have a solid faith in humanity. Humanity is that helps others and finds the answer of problems regardless of their religion. Humanity is one of the highest agreed conditions in our community. There are numerous kinds of religion, but in spite of all this, in the whole world, the ordinary characteristics that unites us all more than a religion is humanity. 

There is a well-known quote of humanitarian Abdul Sitareidhi Said There’s no religion in the world higher than humanity.” 

On the opposite side of the narrative, religion is in actual fact, a bit of thinking, an idea or faith or structure of a category of humans who worship their gods. All the religion in the world, whether it’s Islam, Christianity Hinduism, and Buddhism, no matter what it is – the base of all the religion starts with the fundamental fact and primary steps of humanity.


These couple of words sums the entire idea of the topic that if there is religion without humanity, then the only point is to pray in front of god. But by counting humanity, humans can not only treat the god, but also gratify our heart and construct the forts of love and esteem in everyone’s heart. We all require standing up above our religions and think about humanity as the new moral high ground for justice.

In last words, I would like to say that no religion is higher than Humanity and you may belong to any religion, but you’ll be a human first and be a human lover and let’s aim for humanity. So start serving for humanity from today onwards by performing a small act of kindness & which will give us inner peace, happiness and satisfaction.

Author(s) Name: Anamika (IFIM Law School, Bangalore)




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