Let’s start with ‘What are Unwanted calls?’, If you say that something or someone is unwanted, you mean that you do not want them, or that nobody wants them.

Unwanted phone calls can be classified as harassing and non-harassing phone calls.
Unwanted, draining, useless phone calls constantly target the current generation, in which one person or a company abuses, threatens, or harms another person’s quality. The other end of the phone call can be a person or a bot created by a company to sell a service. When the person on the other end of the phone line is absolutely unknown, the situation becomes indeed more serious. In India, similar multiple calls by unknown people are considered felonious offences and must be reported to the applicable authorities as soon as doable.


According to a check published in 2020 by “ Truecaller, ” nearly 8 out of 10 Indian women face importunity and indecorous sexual phone calls at least formerly a week. Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Pune are the most affected metropolises. Indian people have a habit of furnishing their phone figures in shopping promenades, caffs, and businesses, as well as when filling out forms. In some cases, even friends leak out numbers for fun. When it comes to taking action against similar calls, still, only 12% of women reported them to the police, while the remainder simply blocked the number. Blank calls are also considered importunity. Major calls like this are made anonymously with the sole intent of messing with a person’s sanity.

Police sources have revealed, circumstances of phone call importunity surged dramatically after Section 66A of the Information Technology Act of 2000(the penalty for sending unwelcome or unpleasant messages through communication services,etc.) which was set down by the Supreme Court in 2015. A college pupil received nasty dispatches and phone calls from an unknown number in one of the cases. The number belonged to one of her classmates, according to the authorities. It is understood, the frequenter was nearly always someone the victim knew.

How to Identify an importunity Phone Call

The term “ importunity ” doesn’t apply to all unasked phone calls. The following are the
conditions that must be met for an unpleasant phone call to come draining
• Frequenters’ purpose is to threaten or harass you by calling the phone constantly.

  • Commentary, recommendations, proffers, or nasty or vulgar requests.
  • Continuing the dialogue without revealing his/ her name.
  • Abusing or disparaging others over the phone with the thing of harassing, remaining silent, playing threateningmusic, or breathing heavily.

Apps like True-caller and other data collection apps, sell phone numbers to all kinds of companies to advertise services. Robocalls are calls made to many people at once via computer software and are characterized by a bot greeting them as soon as they answer the call. The technology behind it is legal, and many businesses use it to send reminders and information to consumers quickly and efficiently.However, automated calls are also a source of harassment, with hundreds of millions of Americans have been harassed and, more importantly, scammed by automated phone calls. I have. Not only does impersonation increase your chances of losing money, but it is also dangerous on many levels. Spoofing uses people’s emotions to trick them into being vulnerable so that they can answer a call from a loved one.

Remedies in India

The victim of Unwanted phone call importunity should communicate with the police and train a complaint in the general tablet as soon as possible. The victim can record the frequenter’s gender, voice tone, call date and time, discussion specifics, and estimated age as substantiation to prop the authorities in relating the miscreant. The victim must submit an FIR if the importunity on the phone continues for an extended period of time. You go to your nearest police station and file a complaint against a mobile number that is sending you unwanted text messages and calls. Police can investigate complaints under the  IT Actand IPC First, the police will contactthe service provider from which the call and her SMS originated, identify the user and file a lawsuit. If the Service Provider cannot identify you, the Service Provider may terminate service for these numbers under the Telephone Regulation Act. You will receive due justice and relief. No needto change the number. Go to your nearest police station immediately and file a report against these numbers. If the police refuse to file a complaint, please go to your nearest court or local police station to file a complaint.

In India, the vittles’ under which the harasser can be charged are as follows:

1.Section 354A of the Indian Penal Code: Under this clause, anyone who requests sexual favours or makes sexually coloured remarks is guilty of sexual harassment, which is punished by up to three years in prison and/or a fine.

2.Section 354D of the Indian Penal Code: According to this law, if a man contacts a woman repeatedly for the purpose of initiating personal engagement despite her disinterest, he will be sentenced to three years in prison and a fine.

3.Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code: Any individual who commits a crime of criminal intimidation is subject to a sentence of up to seven years in jail and/or a fine under this clause.
4.Section 507 of the Indian Penal Code: If a person uses anonymous communications to threaten or harass a woman, he shall be sentenced to two years in jail in addition to the punishment specified under Section 506 of the IPC.

5.Section 509 of Indian Penal Code: According to this clause, if someone insults your modesty over the phone, he can be sentenced to up to one year in prison and a fine. Journalist BarkhaDutt received threats for her reporting on JNU, therefore she filed an FIR at the Greater Kailash Police Station in South Delhi. The harasser was quickly identified, and a case was filed under IPC Sections 354D and 509.

Position in other countries

Importunity over the phone is banned by the Federal Dispatches Act, especially 47U.S. Code 223 and colourful state bills, which further include legal remedies and enforcement measures.
Phone calls and textbooks that are vulgar, repetitious, or hanging and transferred with the thing of draining the philanthropist are illegal in California under Penal Code 653m PC. similar offences are punishable by over six months in captivity and forfeiture of over to$1,000.
The act of continuously ringing the phone or making anonymous calls with the thing of draining, abusing, or annoying someone is punishable by over 180 days in captivity and forfeiture of over to$ 2000 under the Texas Penal Code.However, he’ll face a fresh judgment of over one time in captivity and a forfeiture of over to$4000, If the frequenter has formerly been charged with importunity.

In Canada, regularly communicating with a person with the thing of draining or hanging them is punishable by a judgment of not lower than ten times in jail under Section 264 of the CriminalCode.  


Although there are rules proscribing draining phone calls, these enterprises can also be addressed in other ways. importunity can be reduced by not revealing particular figures and other contact information to non-natives, arbitrary shops, and social media. Another system used by the maturity of Indian women and girls is to hang up the phone, block the number, and designate it as spam. All of these results, still, are just temporary, and they won’t help the heckler from repeating the offence on someone differently. As a result, it’s explosively advised that similar mockers be reported as soon as possible and that stern legal action be taken against them to avoid unborn importunity.

Author(s) Name: Solanki Barua (IFIM Law Schhool, Bengaluru)

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