These days it”s common to see around vehicles marked with titles accredited to them titles like member of legislative assembly, and member of parliament is too common but how valid are the titles that were given in their service tenure for smooth working but are later used after the service period to gain undue advantage violating the basic rights of any other citizen in the society.do we need those titles to be used prospectively? Do they hold any special privileges after  serving tenure? People these days not only use retrospective titles but their family members also use them with no hesitation. The constitution of india states that a state legislative assembly must have no less than 60 and no more than 500 members. The parliament has a sanctioned strength of 543 in the lok sabha and 245 in the rajya sabha including 12 nominees from the expertise of different fields of literature, art, science, and social service.

No less than 30% of such people use such titles with no restrictions levied by police being negligent and outlooking such titles gives rise to unregulated use of them. As the regulatory authority they should curb the problem here in but as due to the corrupt use of power keep it alive as a foregoing process in nature.

The son of mla, old mla, and nephew of mla use titles for their good and are allowed to violate the vicious cycle of law and order existing in society. They shall be fined heavily and the concerned person too for his abominal act as this special access to them post tenure caused a feeling of disgust and hatred among people a special pass in normal day life gives them superiority which they no longer are allowed to have and also nor their family members are allowed to have such.

Increasing cases of traffic jams are being reported in every city as a special pass is provided to them, cases of jams can be bought down in cities where traffic is a big troublesome task i.e mumbai, ncr delhi, bangalore this metropolitan rushing city waits for none as a privilege bestowed to people can hamper daily lives of people commuting to work every day, superiors blaming none other than but the person who was waiting for a passover for mla and later stuck in traffic as a end result.

I  feel it violates the basic doctrine of the right to equality and shall be suspended and be honoured to only those who genuinely pose a threat and deserve privilege as their time is of great value

Countries other than india are not lenient about it they take full charge of those committing such offenses also not every person holding a office in parliament gets a uphand.

Legal aspect

 according to the motor vehicle act 1989, it is illegal to use fancy number plates in india. It is illegal by law to modify a number. There is a clear set of instructions given about the font size, colour, and other elements that should be on the number plate. A person is not supposed to change the number plate because they are unique to a particular vehicle. The law also states that the person adding any sticker on the number plate because that can hamper the readability of the number plate. The sticker might cover the chromium stamp or the laser code. According to section 51 and section 177 of the central motor vehicles act in india, the fine for having fancy fonts is rs. 1,000. The fine for this also varies from region to region. 

The car’s license plate contains the car’s registration details. This is the main identification for your car. Therefore, the rto (road transport office) has prescribed a certain format for the license plate of the car and it depends on the type of the car too. The following are the specifications- 

  1. Private vehicles are to have a plate with white background and black writing. 
  2. Temporarily registered vehicles are supposed to have a yellow background with red writing. 
  3. Vehicles used for commercial transportation are supposed to have yellow number plates with black writing. 
  4. Rental cabs are to have yellow license plates with black writing.

Recent cases

A recent case got a man into trouble; tamil nadu man faces issues for the ‘grandson of mla’ number plate on royal enfield himalayan, what comes as a surprise though is that mr. Gandhi opted to stay unmarried and dedicate his life to parties. It was his driver kanan” s son who used it as a gesture of love though such an act shall not be deemed to be acceptable holding whatsoever intent. This shows the immense use of power being used not only by the one belonging to the family but also by the people who are mere part of them.

the khandwa traffic police, issued a challan against bjp mla ram dangore for displaying ‘chowkidar pandhana’ just above his vehicle’s registration number plate. Khandwa dsp, santosh kaul said, “the bjp has launched the ‘main bhi chowkidar’ campaign and, thus, installing a nameplate that says ‘chowkidar’ is its promotion. It’s a violation of the model code of conduct.”

The challan was issued for a violation of section 51 of the motor vehicles act for improper display of the number plate on the front of the vehicle.

a car with mp sticker causes a traffic jam  a young man driving a white scorpio, with a member of parliament gate pass stuck on it, brought traffic to a halt while trying to enter a hotel gate by driving on the wrong side of the road. When the driver of an rtc bus upbraided the young man for such indisciplined driving, the youngster arrogantly parked his vehicle in the middle of the road and challenged the bus driver to move it, causing a huge traffic jam.


In my view such benefits shall be available to specific personas in our country also with due care and caution so as they shall not take undue advantage of such rights bestowed in their name. Also, this will bring down unnecessary traffic havocs created for people to provide special treatment to people holding office in their name under the government .

Author(s) Name: Pulkit Bhardwaj (Chaudhary Charan Singh University)

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