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Being a lawyer can be extraordinary on occasions. However, there are plenty of hard things about it. Beginning with graduate school includes a ton of difficult work. The pressure of being too occupied is hard and the pressure of being slow is additionally hard. When you begin practising, you would


Being a lawyer can be extraordinary on occasions. However, there are plenty of hard things about it. Beginning with graduate school includes a ton of difficult work. The pressure of being too occupied is hard and the pressure of being slow is additionally hard. When you begin practising, you would need clients and managing them is furthermore, hard. But what is the hardest part? Presumably continual attempt to practice wonderful law and stay roused as time goes on. It isn’t difficult to perform incredibly well a few times or even once a month. In any case, an effective lawyer needs to work well every time, determinedly, unforgivingly and that is extremely hard. You can’t let any of your clients down!

What does THE Law profession demand from a lawyer?

  • An effective attorney needs to remain at the forefront of the legitimate turn of events. He might have had a deep understanding of the law till last month however if there have been new advancements since, and he doesn’t keep steady over it, he may lose the case and clients in a moment.
  • The ability to analyse facts and to find the wellsprings of men’s activities, their actual motives, and to present them with certainty and exactness are characteristics which the practice of the legal profession demands and helps to develop.
  • The honesty of a lawyer is likewise a matter of extreme significance. I believe a lawyer without character resembles a ship without a rudder.

Duties of a lawyer

As I would see it, a lawyer owes certain duties to his clients. He should give a patient hearing to the client, look at every one of his papers effectively, and consequently advise him. He should represent the client in court with unified devotion and not uncover his confidences.

In Re: Mr A an Advocate, a 5-judge bench of the Supreme Court held that the acts of the lawyer were against the etiquette and ethics as required in the Bar and a lawyer who does as such should be held guilty and further, he should be suspended.

In V.C. Rangadurai v. D. Gopalan, a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court held that “Respectability of legal profession endures till individuals keep up with their integrity to serve the society and each delinquent who hoodwinks his client should be frowned upon.” Hence the connection between the attorney and his/her client being fiduciary must maintain the same.

He owes specific obligations to Court also. The primary obligation which the lawyer owes to the court is to keep up with its honour and respect, this is the cardinal principle underlying his relation in court. Another duty that the counsel owes to the court is that of fidelity, he should honestly represent the case. He ought to consistently recollect the fact that the precedents are more effectual than contentions; (Valindoria sunt expla quam verba; el plentus opera docetur quam voce).[1]

Counsel also owes a duty to the public, like to give a proportion of his best legal services to public undertakings as may best serve his local area.

Obligations to Fellow Lawyers: Be amicable with and keep confidence with the fellow advocates of the Bar; publish their great qualities rather than their weaknesses.

Duties to Self: Avoid the “easy come, easy go” technique with your finance. Also, keep up the normal propensities for the continual study of law.

Challenges faced by lawyers

New arising patterns are carrying with it a lot of opportunities, yet challenges too for the existing as well as aspiring lawyers making it harder for them. A portion of the challenges of being an attorney and tips on conquering those are as follows:

  1. Extended hours

The extended periods one functions as a lawyer don’t simply affect you. Rather they negatively affect people around, also. Social life begins vanishing. In the end, the hardest part emerges, i.e., to figure out how to balance life as an attorney. Start by defining reasonable objectives for you and move gradually up from that point.

  1. Stress

In case a lawyer is working extended periods, presumably, he is stressed out. However, these aren’t the only wellsprings of stress for the lawyers. There’s a great deal of strain to dominate at what they do in many fields. A lawyer if commits an error can certainly cost clients. Lost cases can bring about substantial fines in certain circumstances. Thus, remember that you’re just human. You ought to consistently make an honest effort, however, it is better to realise sooner that you will not win each case.

  1. New Technology

New tech’s impacts on the legal sphere haven’t been exactly positive. Numerous lawyers are currently expected to grasp new and arising technologies. A considerable lot of the new technology available has killed the requirement for organizations to employ lawyers. Luckily, they can adjust to the presence of these innovations. Doing as such will permit them to make their range of abilities more cutthroat.

  1. Increasingly Competitive Job Market

There are a few explanations behind expanded competitiveness in the legal sphere. The lawyers’ supply surpasses their demand by a critical sum. Subsequently, few of them experience difficulty tracking down work in the wake of getting their degrees. Perhaps the best recommendation can be to hoist your range of skills. Become the sort of lawyer that is difficult to find.

Benefits of being a lawyer

As talked about above, being a lawyer includes hard aspects. Inferring that not many individuals would pick this profession, however, that isn’t true. As there are some fantastic advantages of being an attorney. For the individuals who buckle down, the awards of being a lawyer offset the expense of achieving a law degree and license to practice law.

Four of the most well-known advantages of practising as a lawyer include:

  1. Wide Career Options

The advantages of being a lawyer incorporate having the option to choose from a wide assortment of career choices. If your calling is to make the world a more secure place to live in, you might decide to turn into a criminal prosecutor. Then again, if you accept that our criminal justice framework is grounded on the rule that everybody is innocent until proven guilty[2] as has been coined by Sir William Garrow in 1791 and that they have the right to an equipped lawyer, you might decide to turn into a public defender. Notwithstanding criminal defence, you might browse numerous areas of law including corporate law, domestic law or real estate, and so forth.

  1. Monetary Rewards and Emotional Rewards

Among the many advantages of being an attorney, the monetary and emotional rewards are at the highest point of most law college students. Lawyers have the chance to procure worthwhile income. Money isn’t the sole motivation behind why individuals pursue the legal profession. Helping individuals to accomplish a positive result for their concern is a lot more satisfying. It is hereafter, aptly said by Aaron Allston that “lawyers are the principal refuge of the incompetent.”

  1. Chance for Arguing and Debating

If you like the test of going up against another lawyer to argue on lawful hypotheses and aspects to demonstrate that your claims are right, then turning into a lawyer will offer you a sufficient chance to argue and debate on various theories of law.

  1. Workplace

For some, the environment of the workplace is one of the advantages explicitly thought about while picking a career. Being an attorney commonly incorporates the advantage of having a sufficient degree of eminence that bears you certain advantages that employees in other fields may not get in their work environment.

Concluding Remarks

An attorney’s duty is as significant as that of a Judicial Officer. An advocate ought to be persistent while carrying out all professional functions and his actions ought to adjust to the prerequisites of the law by which an advocate assumes a fundamental role in safeguarding the society and the justice framework. An advocate is obligated to maintain law and order and guarantee that the justice system is empowered to work at its full capacity.

An ideal lawyer ought to accept that practising in the legal field has a component of service too. Above all, he ought to comply with the rules of professional conduct and behaviour recommended by the Bar Council of India in Chapter II, Part VI of the Bar Council of India Rules.[3] However, the hardest part as can be broken down from the blog is that a lawyer ought to consistently attempt to practice law efficiently and stay inspired as time goes on to remain at the top.

Author(s) Name: Khushi Chopra (UILS, Panjab University, Chandigarh)


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[2] Human Rights Act, 1988 S.2 Art. 6.

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