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2nd International Virtual Conference on ‘Women Rights In Emerging Societies’


Jus Corpus, in collaboration with American International University-Bangladesh ((AIUB), Symbiosis Law School Nagpur and Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial University, Lucknow is conducting the 2nd International Virtual Conference on “Women Rights In Emerging Societies” on February 17, 2024.

The Women’s Rights in Developing Countries Conference, in its first edition, served as a crucial platform for global dialogue and collaboration. Addressing the myriad challenges women face in developing nations, the conference aimed to foster awareness, understanding, and actionable solutions.

Delegates from diverse backgrounds, including policymakers, activists, scholars, and grassroots organizers, convened to share insights and strategies. The discussions delved into the multifaceted issues hindering women’s progress in developing countries, ranging from economic disparities and limited educational opportunities to gender-based violence and healthcare inequalities.

The Women’s Rights in Developing Countries Conference in its second edition offers a vital platform for stakeholders to converge, discuss, and strategize on advancing gender equality. With diverse perspectives from policymakers, activists, and scholars, the conference provides a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by women in developing nations. Attendees will gain insights into successful initiatives, fostering collaboration and inspiring actionable solutions. The event aims to catalyze change by promoting awareness and advocating for inclusive policies. Through shared knowledge and a united commitment, the conference strives to empower women, driving tangible progress toward a more equitable future in developing countries.


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American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) is one of the best private universities in Bangladesh. It has been promoting professionals and excellent leadership catering to the technological progress and socio-economic development needs of the country since its establishment in 1994. AIUB is committed to providing quality and excellent academic programs responsive to the emerging challenges of the time. It is dedicated to nurturing and producing competent world-class professionals imbued with a strong sense of ethical values ready to face the competitive world of arts, business, science, social science, law, and technology. Its quality of education is adhered to in conformity with the prescribed national and international standards of quality and excellence including those provided by the professional bodies and organizations. It is committed to translating into action the programs, projects, and activities related to the sustainable delivery of quality management operation systems.

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Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow is a globally recognized place of teaching-learning, doing research and preparing human capital with ethical, social and ecological sensibilities, thereby contributing to national prosperity. The university aspires to seamlessly address local needs while striving for global standards by keeping abreast of international developments. The phenomenal journey of the group dates back to 1999, when with just 22 students and an unwavering commitment to quality education, the foundations of the University were laid. SRMU is a confluence of academic, cultural and intellectual resources and seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the innovation and transmission of knowledge and understanding. SRMU takes pride in its excellent faculty hailing from leading Central Universities and premier institutes like IIT(s) and NIT(s) etc.


Women Rights In Emerging Societies

  • Women and Indian Constitution
  • Women and Criminal Justice System
  • Women and Personal Laws
  • Women and Cyberspace
  • Women and Media
  • Women and Workplace
  • Women and Politics
  • Women and Changing Dimensions of Law
  • Any other topic aligned with the theme of the conference.


Research papers are invited from the academic practitioners, research scholars and the students. The papers should be author’s original work and should not be the repetition of any published work. Research Papers shall be subject to the approval of the Editorial Board and depending on the quality of papers, selected papers will be published in the form of a Book with ISBN. Co-authorship is permitted for the event (maximum 2 co-authors).


Abstract Submission: January 25, 2024

Intimation of Selected Abstract: January 22, 2024

Last date for Registration and Payment: January 30, 2024

Last date for Submission of Paper: February 10, 2024

Date of Conference: February 17, 2024


  • Word Limit: 300-500 (inclusive of keyword, minimum 3)
  • Entire body must be in italics
  • Font: Times New Roman, Size 12, Colour: Automatic, Alignment: Justified
  • Portrait mode
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • The Cover page shall consist of the following details: Title of the Paper, Name of the author(s), Official designation/institutional details, Address, E-mail Id and Contact details of the Author(s).
  • The subject of E-mail for submission of Abstract must be “National Seminar: Submission of Abstract & Cover Page.
  • There must be a single file containing the cover page and abstract.

Submission ID:

Note* – Abstract and the paper must be aligned to the theme of the seminar. The submission must be an original product and will be subjected to plagiarism check.

  • Word Limit: 3000-6000 words (exclusive of footnotes).
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12 on an A4 size paper
  • Line Spacing: 1.5
  • Text alignment must be justified.
  • Footnotes should follow uniform style of citation: Blue Book 20th Edition.
  • Font size 10 is to be maintained for Footnotes.
  • The Cover page shall consist of the following details: Title of the Paper, Name of the author(s), Official designation/institutional details, Address, E-mail Id and Contact details of the Author(s).
  • The subject of E-mail for submission of Full Paper must be “National Seminar: Submission of Full Paper”.

The paper must be submitted to


Once the Abstract is selected, participants will be sent a registration link via e-mail. The registration amount for the conference is:

Students: INR 1500/- (per participant)

Professionals: INR 2000/- (per participant)

For Foreign Authors: $25/- (per participant)

The mode of payment will be duly intimated in the mail sent for the selection of the abstract.


In case any query, feel free to reach us on:


Ayush Pandey (In-charge): +91 8299527179