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It means where Women have been honoured divinity blossoms there and wherever women are dishonoured, all action no matter how noble it may be, remains unfruitful.

Does India give equal opportunities to women in all spheres of opportunities? Are women treated equally in the 20th century? Do you think we still need to work on this social cause? Is India over with all social stigma regarding women?

Women’s rights mean treating women equally in different spheres of life. The distinction was based on gender women as a commune had waged a struggle for recognition of their rights as human beings. Feminism is an ideology that stands for equal rights for men and women. Women’s rights are part of feminism. If you consider a Venn diagram, women’s rights would constitute an inner circle of feminism. Women’s rights are necessary but not sufficient because even if we ensure equality on paper, we can’t abolish social discrimination. When we hear the term feminism most people think of a bunch of angry women believing to be better than men and are rigid about their choices.

According to history, feminism in India is divided into three phases: –

It was initiated at the beginning of the mid-18th century when European men began to speak against women’s self-immolation known as “Sati”. Then another phase started after 1915, till Independence of India when Gandhi incorporated women’s movements into the “Quit India Movement”, and independent women’s organizations began to emerge. And the third phase after independence focused on fair treatment of women at home after marriage. Feminism in India” is going in the same direction as terrorism. Islam always preaches peace and discipline, but some are brainwashed and have lost their way during cause.

Do you know what is the problem with feminism in our country?

Women talk about equality and about getting as much as men from society. There is not even a single right given by law that men have that women don’t. Not even one. On the contrary, women have many rights. Just an allegation of rape/dowry can destroy the life of a man and his family. I don’t have any problem with feminism because it has a noble cause in it, but a problem. Bashing men in the name of feminism is not feminism. Where they never did anything for the betterment of women in their lives.


After serving a life sentence for 20 years in jail over rape charges, a man was pronounced innocent by the Allahabad High Court. He walked out of Agra Central Jail on Wednesday evening. Ironically, Vishnu Tiwari was jailed when he was 23 for a crime he never committed. He will now go home to his village home in the Lalitpur district of the Bundelkhand region in UP.

Tiwari was arrested on September 16, 2000, and booked for rape and atrocities under the SC/ST Act. After three years of trial, a Lalitpur court sentenced him to 10-year rigorous imprisonment followed by his conviction under the SC/ST Act. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. The practical thing is that these provisions are hardly used, everyone thinks in the criminal case that acquittal is enough, but no one thinks that years behind the bar change the perspective of life for that person. It’s quite shocking that a man suffers this much just because of a wrong allegation from the very beginning.

Another example seen recently in the news is of a girl hitting and slapping a cab driver in the middle of the road in Lucknow city’s Awadh crossing. The girl continuously beating a man and allegedly damaging his phone despite that kind of incident should always be properly investigated. This is an issue of basic human rights.

What will you do if the national anthem is playing, and the national animal comes in front of you?

For those of you unaware, the national animal of India is Tiger, so I quickly replied that I will run for my life. That would be an insult to the national anthem, isn’t it? “I started thinking how absurdly the concept of nationalism has been imbibed in us. Logic has completely taken a back seat. Feminism also is in the same boat.

Feminism is supposed to be a revolution, a set of campaigns and events that project equality on all grounds for both the sexes. However, for some weird reason, logic from the feminist movement has taken a wrong turn. I stand on a bridge where on one side I see that females have always been the strongest and on the other side I see their rights through history being jeopardized and, in the middle, I see some pseudo feminists sabotaging the entire revolution itself. Feminism is not undermining the male community.

Feminism is not being atrociously bold and arrogant. A real woman does not need the tag of feminism to be strong, honestly. Yes, many oppressed women out there need their rights back, but due to a few pseudo-feminists, they might miss out on the real purpose. This is a sign of fake feminism and sends the wrong message against women’s empowerment. People are confusing the term equality with feminism.

The real mean of this term is gender bias. Real feminists such as suffragettes Barbara Walters & other women who are more housemaker and let them vote. Today’s feminist has taken these remarkable women & twisted what it stood for.


Feminism has lost its true meaning. Today feminists believe women are more superior and right in every decision they took. No matter what they do they ought to do that which is fake feminism. It has become a more aggressive movement Rather than bringing women and men on the same pedestal. They are repeating the same mistake later maybe another movement gets in the limelight which might be standing for men.

Author(s) Name: Srija Singh (Amity University, Noida)

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