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The state of Jammu and Kashmir is known as the crown of mother India, the largest city located on the banks of river Jhelum, ethnic, language, traditions and linguistic composition of commonly speaking Hindi, Kashmiri and , situated on the northern hills covering lush green valley all over


The state of Jammu and Kashmir is known as the crown of  mother india ,the largest city located on the banks of river Jhelum , a state with equistic culture ,ethinic ,language ,traditions and linguistic composition of commonly speaking hindi, dogri, Kashmiri and  urdu, situated on the northern hills covering lush green valley all over divided between three geographical conditions namely ladakh with population of Buddhist and hindus residing and preserving culture, the Kashmir valley with muslim majority and jammu with multicultural population , the vast majority of UT is mountainous and divided into 5 zones closely related to each other of western Himalayas from west to east ,consisting of plains , the foothills of pir panjal range ,the vale of Kashmir and great Himalayas zone , the valley has a great history of valour, courage and sacrifice ,despite being the crown of mother india the situation Kashmir since post independence has been very concerning because of the rise in terrorism activites, decline in economic development and geo strategic location but things has changed since the abrogation of article 370 and 35A done by the central government home minister Amit Shah under the leadership of honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi on 5th august 2019 just after the  massive victory in 16th  lok sabha elections in may 2019 and bifurcated the state into two Union terrotries, Jammu and Kashmir (with legislature) and ladakh  (without legislature )


Declining in Terrorism Activities

Since 5th august 2019 there has been a stern decline in the terror activities in the valley it has reduced drastically after the abrogation in comparison with 2019  figures and has declined by 59% in 2020 and further by 32% till June 2021, the ratio of Kashmiri youth joining militancy has also decreased rapidly  and protested against India and stone-pelting on armed forces has also reduced and there were barely seen any such incidents reported in the valley also the pro-Pakistani slogans have not been raised since the abrogation of 370, the cross border infiltration has also decreased however there has been a newer concern regarding the drones attacks led by the Pakistani terrorist organization  leading cross border terrorism in the form of a drone attack

The attack was attempted twice by the terrorist across the border towards the Jammu airforce station entering inside the premises of the station. It was fear that many other such kinds of attacks could be a plan in future and this is a bigger concern regarding the security of India.

Political Activity: Political Leaders Losing Their Roots In Leadership

Local leaders of the valley and other main political leaders like Muftis and Abdullahs the Hurriyat leaders have loosened their roots in the politics of Kashmir since abrogation as they were put under house arrest and released later after few months

 year later in October 2020 the political leaders have come together to ally the restoration of article 370 namely knowns as Gupkar alliance including the main streams leaders like Mehbooba Mufti of PDP, president of national conference Farook Abdullah with his son of Omar Abdullah and various other parties like CPI, CPM, PDP, NC and other local outfits, the collation of parties being ideologically different contested last year contested in the election of district development council in Dec 2020, manage to bagged 110 out of 280 and had control over 5 of the total district out of 20, the outcome of elections is a sign for the declining political career of the parties situated in the valley.

Resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley

In the year 1989-1990 around 44167 Kashmiri families had to migrate from the valley due to ongoing security concerns, the exodus of Kashmiri pandits was a historical wrong step which the central government has corrected and took an initiative to resettle them back to their origin and not living anymore as a migrant in other parts of the country, the government has also announced special jobs for the community members under the PM package, as per government date of march 2021 around 3800 migrants have returned to the valley and have taken jobs provided to them, then Lt. Governor of the chaired a meeting with disaster management relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction (DMRR&R) department, giving directions to take active measures to facilitate the return of Kashmiri Pandits.

Jobs Reservation for Locals in Jammu And Kashmir

A month after the abrogation of article 370 the central government has issued an order announcing all government jobs in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir will be reserved for the domiciles, various provisions in article 370 and 35 A provided to decide the permanent residents and also ensure the reservation in jobs for the other local communities like Valmiki’s, Gorkhas, Gujars and Bakarwals and many other who were denied these facilities.

Growth And Development in the Region

To bolster the economy and development of the jammu and kashmir administration have signed around 168 MoUs nworth rs 13,600 crores , out of which 6,000 acresof land has been given by government for seeting up industries in the state , the PM development projected has been increased by 27 % to 54% to get work done compleyly with swift motion and grating people the best infrastructure and facilities ,the completion of rambagh flyover of Srinagar is a result of centre policy of abrogation was pending since five years ,it has also lead to the rapid construction of various other roads like jammu akhnoor road , Chennai – Sudhmahadev road, the center has also keep an eye on hydro project which was pending since 5 decades such as Ujh and Shahpur kandi., despite all this it had initiated 7 new medical colleges out of those 4 are functioning and has also increased seats from 500 to 955 , along with this the worlds highest railway bridge constructed over Chenab river in jammu and Kashmir has been completed in this month of april and will coonect rest of the valley to india in april 2022 , the bridge is 467 metres long and 358 metres above the bed  level.

Domicile Certification and Property Rights of Women Restored

The woman has suffered the most in the state they were denied of the rights socially and constitutionally as well, they were not allowed to marry outside the state in case they do so they were of the property rights but this has changed after the abrogation of 370, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has now emerged on a new track of development and a non-resident of Jammu can buy or invest in the property of the state, in the march around 2021, the central government has cited Jammu and Kashmir government informed around 35,44,938 applications for issuing the domicile certificate were received till  December 2020  out of which government-issued  32,31,353 applicants were issued domiciles.


The Jammu and Kashmir have always been hindered in terms of development socially, politically, and economically but things have changed after the abrogation of 370 and 35 A the state has grown diversely in all proportions from developing infrastructure to changing the legislation and contributing to the GDP of the country it has grown vastly.

Author(s) Name: Nidhi Sharma (Chandigarh University)

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