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Registration Fee: Per Head and Per Sport ₹150/-


Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) was established on 1st august, 2012, under the aegis of sunshine Educational & Development Society which has been working dedicatedly in the field of education for over 16 years. DME is affiliated to the prestigious Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU),New Delhi and is approved by the Bar Council of India.

DME envisions creating future leaders and nation builders by its endeavours in educating young minds. The institute is committed towards forming and sustaining conditions enabling students to embark on an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative and enriching. DME offers sought after courses in the field of Management, Journalism and Law.


“समग्र’23” Inter College Sports Meet emerged as a triumphant celebration of athleticism and camaraderie in 2023. With over 2500 students from 70+ colleges participating, the event was a testament of unity through sports. From track to field, volleyball to chess, every discipline showcased exemplary talent and passion. Competitors exhibited sportsmanship, forging bonds beyond rivalries. The resounding success of “समग्र’23” highlighted the power of sports to unify diverse communities. As athletes cheered, spectators marveled, and friendships blossomed, the event left an indelible mark on the collegiate sports landscape. 

समग्र’24 CHIEF GUEST

Ms. Pritam Rani Siwach, esteemed Chief Guest of समग्र’24, embodies excellence in Indian sports. A recipient of the Arjuna and Dronacharya Awards, she’s revered as the former captain of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team. Her coaching prowess led the Indian Women’s Hockey Team to remarkable achievements, inspiring generations. Ms. Siwach’s remarkable journey and pivotal role in shaping Indian hockey were immortalized in the Bollywood blockbuster “Chak De India,” further cementing her legacy. As a beacon of determination and leadership, her presence at DME Sports Society’s inter-college sports meet समग्र’24 promises to ignite passion and inspire budding athletes to reach for greatness.


DME Sports Society is well-versed in the holistic development of every sportsperson and focuses on the overall growth and improvement of its students in the field of sports. DME Sports Society consists of faculty and student members having diverse experience and knowledge in different sports and students having great enthusiasm and dedication towards their respective sports. The main aim of the society is to nurture, polish and inspire students to participate in various sports and embed the spirit of never giving up.


1. SPORTS: Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Athletics

    VENUE: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

    DATES:12-13 April 2024

2. SPORTS: Chess, Tug of War, Box Cricket

     VENUE: Decathlon, Saket

     DATES: 18-19 April 2024

Last Date for Registration is 6thApril 2024


  • Registrations can only be done in advance. No on-the-spot registration shall be allowed.
  • Registrations will be on a first come first serve basis. The links shall be closed as soon as the registrations reach the limit.
  • The decision of coordinators and umpires of each game will be final and binding on all participants in any matter. No disputes regarding the results shall be entertained.
  • Separate games for Male and Female.
  • No traveling allowance shall be paid to the participants.
  • The event will start at 09:00 a.m. each day. Participants must adhere to the timings.
  • The participants/teams must report at 8:15 a.m.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to change the date, time, and order of matches or any other administrative activity to be played as per the situation, if and when necessary.
  • All jewellery which includes necklaces, earrings, kada, rings, and watches including long nails is strictly prohibited during the game.
  • Every university/college/institution is required to have a designated “Contingent Leader”
  • All information/communication relating to समग्र’24 will be routed through the “Contingent Leaders” only. He/she will be responsible and held accountable for all actions of the participants during the course of the tournament.
  • No accommodation or accommodation allowance shall be provided by the organizers.
  • Use of Liquor/Drugs/Smoking/Tobacco is strictly prohibited on all the venues.
  • In case of indiscipline or misconduct found by any individual player, the organizing Committee holds the right to disqualify him/her/team from participation in the Sports Meet.
  • The Organizing Committee and the tournament staff shall not be responsible for any personal items that are left behind, lost, or stolen.
  • The Indemnity Bond has been attached in the Google form, the participants have to accept the terms and conditions of the Indemnity bond upon submission of the form


  • Fixtures shall be solely handled by the Organising Committee and no request shall be entertained pertaining to this matter.
  • All teams must have a jersey and their numbers. However, if a team cannot manage the same, it should at least have a uniform color code for their respective team’s tees/jerseys. Shoes should be worn at all times.
  • The nature of the tournament shall be knockout-based. (Based on the number of teams).
  • Fighting is an attempt to strike an opponent with the arms, hands, legs, or feet or a combative action by one or more players, coaches or other team personnel. Any member or team personnel who participates in a fight shall be immediately disqualified from the game.


  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Volleyball
  4. Athletics
  5. Chess
  6. Table tennis
  7. Badminton
  8. Kabaddi
  9. Tug of war
  10. Box Cricket


Registration Fee: Per Head and Per Sport ₹150/-

Name of Bank- HDFC BANK LTD

Branch- SECTOR-18, NOIDA


Account number- 50100187447560

Account type- SAVINGS

IFSC code- HDFC0001592

NOTE: The participation in team sports necessitates a COLLECTIVE PAYMENT structure whereby each individual member is required to contribute a fee of ₹150.



NOTE: The INDEMNITY BOND has been attached in the Google form, the participants have to accept the terms and conditions of the Indemnity bond upon submission of the form.

PRIZE POOL: ₹ 1 Lakh

Cash prizes are subject to change depending upon the number of registrations accumulated in particular sport/event.


  • Surbhi Arora

(Assistant Professor) Faculty Convenor, DME Sports Society

  • Abhishek Dwivedy

(Assistant Professor)Faculty Co-Convenor, DME Sports Society


1. SURBHI ARORA, Faculty Convenor- (8800843042)

2. MR. ABHISHEK DWIVEDY, Faculty Convenor- (7032523972)

3. ESHAN BANDUNI, Student Convenor- (8130397195)

4. AKASH MALAYIL, Student Co-Convenor- (9773586868)

5. SRILAKSHMI KARAMPUDI, Student Co-Convenor- (7013035215)

 The official brochure and rulebook of the event can be found here: []