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Registration Fee: INR 3500/-(without accommodation) and INR 5000/- (with accommodation)


Galgotias University has an immersive learning environment that offers its students opportunities to learn both inside and outside the classroom. Its student body represents 28 states, making it a microcosm of India with a welcoming and supportive community that embraces diversity in culture, talent, and perspectives. To nurture the next generation of leaders, Galgotias University has established a respectful campus culture that encourages intellectual debates, talent development, unconventional thinking, and experimentation with new ideas.

The University offers all the necessary resources for students to organize and pursue a wide range of academic and recreational interests through clubs, societies, activities, and entrepreneurial projects.


 Galgotias University, School of Law (SOL, GU) is a prime example of how strong traditions, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and an excellent curriculum can pave the way for a top-notch educational institution. Established just a decade ago, SOL, GU has made significant strides in the legal education landscape of India by providing skill-oriented and industry-relevant programs. The School of Law’s focus on producing litigation specialists, corporate lawyers, mediation & arbitration experts, professionals to draft legal instruments, policymakers, researchers, academicians, diplomats, comparative law experts for the burgeoning LPO industry, and others have helped SOL, GU gain prominence as one of the best law.

Within a decade of its foundation, SOL, GU has acclaimed Ist position nationally as per the CSR-LAW SCHOOL SURVEY,2023 under the category of top eminent law schools and secured 11th position in the category of emerging law colleges in India as per the India Today MRDA Ranking, 2023. With prime focus on quality legal education, practical advocacy skills development and experiential learning, the school is a continual work in progress with 50 regular faculty and over 1200 legal eagles making the most of the academic environment and world class infrastructural amenities.


 Galgotias University, School of Law provides for a quality pattern of mooting culture which helps students learn the fundamentals and the advanced aspects of mooting. Our Law School has a well-defined mooting structure with a Moot Court Committee which consists of representation from both the faculty and the student side. The faculty experts who handle the Moot Court committee are experts and have history of mooting experiences. It is not only the participating teams who put in their effort for the competition, the Moot Court Society comprising of faculties and students also work hard to make mooting activity a huge success.

We have a rich infrastructure consisting of a spacious Moot court hall emulating the experience of a court room for our students for practice sessions as well as multiple competitions. The Moot Court Hall of the School of Law with total seating capacity of 100, fully furnished, air-conditioned, equipped with display boards and modern audio-video aids and eco-free. It has fully media equipped with LCD Projector and HD Sound System. It enables students to take part in simulated court proceedings involving drafting briefs, participating in oral argument and holding mock trials.

Our students have won multiple awards over the years. Some of them worth mentioning are as follows:

Best Speaker Award to Jyotirmoy Chatterjee, 1st National Moot Court Competition, SLS Noida; Best Speaker Award to Mudit Saxena, Dr. B.S. Goel Memorial Moot Court Competition, IPEM Ghaziabad; Best Researcher Award to Rudrabhishek Chauhan, Adamas University, School of Law’s 2nd Online Moot Court Competition; Best Memorial Award to Kalinga 2nd National Moot Court Competition etc. Our students have consistently participated in numerous moots and brought accolades for the university and its mooting culture. Other than external participation, the university itself has organized multiple national level moots including Galgotias University National and International Moot and Bar Council of India National Trust Moot Court.

Our Moot Court also has Intra-Moot formats for selecting teams to represent our university in various National and International Moot Court Competitions of repute. The purpose of conducting Intra Moots for the students is to give the teams/students a glimpse of the National Level Competitions, how they are conducted and what are the appropriate Moot Mannerisms that a law student must possess. It also enhances their research and speaking skills with practical exposure and trains them to put forward arguments and work in teams under a limited period of time given to them. Since 2015, the School of Law has regularly conducted Galgotias University Intra Mural Moot Court Competition for its students.


Smt. Shakuntala Devi, a visionary in the realm of education, bestowed upon us the Galgotias University, embodying her unwavering commitment to nurturing knowledge, fostering innovation, and facilitating holistic development. At Galgotias, we stand as a testament to her enduring legacy, providing a dynamic and enriching learning environment that empowers students to not only excel academically but also to cultivate a deep sense of societal responsibility.

Our institution is a bastion of intellectual growth, where students are encouraged to explore diverse fields of study, engage in cutting-edge research, 1and embrace a multidimensional approach to education. Galgotias University is not merely an educational institution; it is a vibrant community that thrives on the principles of inclusivity, creativity, and excellence.

Galgotias University stands as a beacon of inspiration, instilling in its students the values of integrity, resilience, and a passion for lifelong learning. Together, let us embark on a profound educational odyssey, where every student’s potential is not just recognized but unleashed, preparing them to make meaningful contributions to society. Welcome to Galgotias University, where the legacy of Shakuntala Devi continues to illuminate the path to academic excellence and personal growth.






8TH APRIL 2024


15TH APRIL 2024


16TH APRIL 2024


20TH APRIL 2024


  26- 28TH APRIL 2024




The Oral Rounds of the Smt. Shakuntala Devi National Moot Court Competition, 2024 [“the Competition”] will be held from the 26th to the 28th of April, 2024 at the School of Law, Galgotias University, Greater Noida.

The Competition shall consist of

  • Preliminary Rounds,
  • Quarter Finals,
  • Semi Finals
  • Final



  1. The competition is open for students who are studying LL.B three year or five years integrated course during the current academic year.
  2. Each college/university/institution shall be entitled to send only ONE team to the Competition.
  3. In the event two registrations are received from the same College or Law School, the Team which submits a letter first by the Head / Dean of the Institution / Moot Court Committee, authorizing them to participate on behalf of the College or Law School shall be entitled to participate and will be registered.
  4. In case there is an odd number of participating teams in the Preliminary Rounds, School of Law, Galgotias University, shall nominate a non-competing dummy team that will not proceed beyond the prelims. 

 Team Composition

Each team shall consist of two speakers and one researcher. The Organizers will assign a code to each team and its members.  


The teams will have to register themselves at [] no later than 10.00pm IST on 31st March, 2024. Registration Forms will have to be completed and submitted with all material particulars by the teams. Please note that incomplete Registration Forms shall not be accepted. The composition of the team cannot be changed once a team has registered. (Kindly fill this form after payment in the QR/ Bank Details given below).

Registration Fees-3500(Including GST)without Accommodation.

Registration Fees-5000(Including GST) (Per Team)With Accommodation.

 Bank Details

Name of The Account



Account Number


Account Type


Current Account

Payee Bank



Address of Branch





  1. Upon successful completion and submission of the Registration Form, the team will receive an email from the Organizers informing them of their successful Registration.
  2. If such an email is not received by a team, a team may contemporaneously send an email with its registration details to []and a response will be sent by email by the Organizers within 1 working day informing the team of its successful Registration.
  3. The teams successfully registering online as aforesaid will be provided aTeam Code[‘TC’] which will be mentioned in the email informing the team of their registration. The email will be sent on the email address provided by the teams in the contact details forming part of the Registration Form.
  4. Once each team has been provided the TC, this code will have to be mentioned by the team in all future communication(s) with the Organizers.
  5. Apart from the TC, teams are requested not to display or add the names or logos of their Colleges, Universities or Law Schools anywhere in any communication(s) addressed to the Organizers or in memorials/material submitted for the Competition. PLEASE NOTE THAT APART FROM THE TC, THE NAMES OR LOGOS OF THE COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES OR LAW SCHOOLS SHALL NOT BE MENTIONED ANYWHERE IN THE MEMORIALS SUBMITTED BY THE PARTICIPANTS OR MATERIAL WHICH MAY BE HANDED OVER AT THE TIME OF ORAL ARGUMENTS.



Each team must submit the Memorial for the Petitioner and the Respondent in PDF Format, no later than 10:00pm [IST] on , 16th April 2024.

The teams shall mention their TC in the subject of the mail while submitting the memorial.

The memorials are to be submitted only to the following-

  mail id: []

 The Organizers will NOT be responsible for the non-receipt of the soft copies of the memorials. Teams are requested to ensure that soft copies vide email are sent well in time and that the attachments can be viewed.

Memorials submitted after 10:00pm [IST] on 16th April, 2024 will incur a deduction of 1 mark for each day of delay, with the first deduction being made at 10:01pm [IST] on 16th April, 2023. It is made clear that such deduction would be made from the cumulative memorial score only once.

Memorials submitted after 10:00pm [Indian Standard Time] on 18th April, 2024 shall not be accepted and the team shall stand disqualified.

The scoring criteria for memorials shall be as follows:

  • Application of Facts 25%
  • Reasoning 25%
  • Use of Authorities and Precedent 25%
  • Understanding Law and Procedure 15%
  • Presentation 10% 


  • All teams shall submit 4 hard copies each of the memorial for the Petitioner and the Respondent before 20th April 2024, (via Post or according to Team’s convenience).
  • It is the responsibility of the teams to ensure that the correct number of copies of the memorials are submitted to the Organizers and acknowledgement obtained.
  • All memorials submitted must conform to the following requirements and a team will attract negative marking for failure to keep within the limitations as described below:
  • Memorials must be printed on A-4 paper with black ink and must be neatly bound. No plastic dividers should be used in the memorials.
  • Memorials submitted after 20th April, 2024 will incur a deduction of 1 mark for each day of delay, with the first deduction being made on 20th April, 2024. It is made clear that such deduction would be made from the cumulative memorial score only once.
  • Memorials submitted after 24th April, 2024 shall not be accepted and the team shall stand disqualified.


The font of the body of the Memorial must be Times New Roman, size 12, with 5  line    spacing   and  the   font-size  of footnotes/endnotes, if any, must not be less than size 10. A uniform method of citation of authorities must be followed. 

Each page must have a margin of at least an inch on all sides.

The Memorial should not exceed 30 typed pages (not including the Cover Page) and shall at least consist of the following parts:

The memorials have to be submitted on A-4 size paper layout and must contain:       

  1. Cover Page[coloured Blue for Petitioner, and Red for Respondent]
  2. Table of contents
  3. Index of authorities
  4. Statement of jurisdiction
  5. Statement of facts
  6. Statement of issues
  7. Summary of arguments (not more than 2 pages)
  8. Arguments advanced
  9. Prayer

    The Cover Page MUST contain:

  • TC in the upper right-hand corner
  • The year of the Competition
  • The name of the Case
  • The party for which the Written Submission has been prepared. Name of the forum resolving the dispute.

There will be a deduction of 1.0 mark for each page exceeding the 30 page limit, and a deduction of 0.25 marks for each ‘objective’ error, i.e., non-adherence to the rules set out hereinabove. This negative marking (along with the negative marking for delayed submission) shall be deducted once from the total memorial score obtained by a team.

Detailed deduction scheme is provided below:-

Citation: Harvard Bluebook- A Uniform System of Citation (20 Edition)should be followed in the memorial throughout. Plagiarism shall not exceed 20%excluding citations.


The Competition shall consist of the Preliminary, Quarter-Finals, Semi- Finals and Final Rounds only.

The language of the Court shall be English

Each team would be given 50 minutes to present their oral arguments, subject to a maximum of 25 minutes per Speaker in the Preliminary Rounds. This shall include the pleadings and any rebuttal time, if applicable. For the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final Rounds, each team would get 60 minutes each, subject to a maximum of 30 minutes per Speaker.

Judges, at their discretion, may extend oral argument time upto a maximum of 5 minutes per team.

Rebuttal would be allowed only to the Petitioner.

During the Preliminary Rounds, each team shall have to argue once for the Petitioner and once for the Respondent. The preliminary rounds shall comprise of two sessions to be completed on the same day.

Teams with two wins in the Preliminary Rounds will go to the Quarter Final. If there are more than 8 teams having two wins each, the teams will be ranked according to their total scores.

If a team scheduled to take part in a round does not appear for 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the round, a walkover shall be declared in favour of the team present.




Response to questions and Articulation


Use of Authorities and Precedents


Reasoning in the Application of Principles


Application of Facts and Advocacy skills, Demeanour 20%


Winning Team: Merit Certificate, Trophy, a Cash Prize of Rs. 50,000/ & lnternship Opportunities at Scriboard, and one year complimentary subscription to SCC Online Web Edition Platinum Academic to be distributed to the winning team worth Rs. 29,500 each Total value = Rs. 88,500.

Runner-up team: Merit Certificate, Trophy, a Cash Prize of Rs. 30,000/ & half yearly complimentary subscription to EBC Learning worth Rs. 6,000 each. Total Value of Rs. 18,000.00 for the runner up team.

Best Speaker 1: Merit Certificate, Trophy, & a Cash Prize of Rs. 7500/

Best Speaker 2: Merit Certificate, Trophy, & a Cash Prize of Rs. 7500/

Best Memorial (Petitioner) : Merit Certificate, Trophy & a Cash Prize of Rs. 7500/

Best Memorial (Respondent) : Merit Certificate, Trophy & a Cash Prize of Rs. 7500/


  1. The dress code for the Competition shall be professional formal attire (strictly black and white).
  2. Two team prizes, two prizes for the Best Memorial and 2nd Best Memorial and individual prizes for the Best Speaker and 2nd Best Speaker will be awarded. The speakers and the researchers will be awarded certificates of participation.
  3. The Organizers shall provide the accommodation (in campus) and food to the participating teams. Fooding and lodging is available only from one day prior to the Competition upto 18 hours after the conclusion of the Competition.
  4. All queries relating to the problem / marks etc. may be directed vide email to []
  5. Participants shall use only their TC numbers for identification purposes. No electronic device, including (but not limited to), laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones etc. may be used by any member of the teams during the course of the round, including when the opposite team is addressing arguments. Teams are therefore advised to ensure that the delivery of their oral arguments is not dependent on electronic devices.
  6. Scouting by any person and on behalf of any team should be brought to the notice of the organizers immediately, without disturbing the round in progress. Any team found scouting will be disqualified.
  7. Any reference to identity of a team’s institution or individual team members, either during oral arguments or in the Memorial may lead to disqualification of the team, which shall be at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  8. At the end of Oral Rounds of the Competition the total scores obtained by each team in each round will be displayed in the School of Law and the same will be mailed to the teams.
  9. The Rules shall be strictly adhered to. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify teams for deviating from the Rules. The Organizers will resolve any contingencies that may arise and will be the final arbiters regarding any doubts/grievances. The decision taken by the Organizers shall be final. These Rules are not exhaustive.




Kindly Contact Us On: []

Student Coordinators:

  1. Pragati Shreya – (+91- 7250988256)
  2. Shashi Suman – (+91- 7561954366)
  3. Akshara – (+91- 9891142946)
  4. Mohd Yasin – (+91- 8929790744)
  5. Vinayak Shukla – (+91- 7905162024)
  6. Rishabh Kumar Jha – (+91- 6203611741)

Interested candidates may click on the given link to access the brochure: []

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