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There is a very renowned saying, “In geopolitics, there are no permanent friends; there remain permanent interests”. This would sound too presumptuous but that’s the very sane reality of the


There is a very renowned saying, “In geopolitics, there are no permanent friends; there remain permanent interests”. This would sound too presumptuous but that’s the very sane reality of the global order & the world before 1920’s has already experienced heinous atrocities & massacres which urged an immediate demand for reforms & laws to govern the global order which is habitually coined as ‘International Law”. The term itself means the rules & regulations formulated to govern international affairs & matters like FTAs, benefits & taxes on goods & commodities in overseas markets. Such a system is devised to avoid any form of economic colonialism/dictatorship, which would have the equivalent magnitude of global hegemony. But this system which vows to safeguard the feeble palatinates against the puissant ones & ensures global cooperation, understanding & mutual development; this mannequin is much darker & filthier than its being perceived across the orb. It has been a brainchild of the most ferocious propaganda factories on the planet: the United States of America has stuck up their noses in the internal matters of every palatinate whether it’s Germany, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, China, Venezuela, Cuba & the list goes so on & on.


International law encompasses various sectors of legal jurisdictions, including the familiar concepts found in our national legal systems, such as property law, tort law, & statutes, as well as procedural law, due process, & remedies. In addition to these, international law also includes several significant substantive fields, such as:[1]

  1. Economic Law
  2. Security Law
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Diplomatic Law
  5. Environmental Law
  6. Humanitarian Law (also known as the Law of War)
  7. Human rights law

Complexity of the global order

In the present, we would rewind to the past & grim scenarios like the Great Depression & Great Recession will recur in front of our bewildered eyeballs & we’ll be a section of another dark historical blunder that would cost everyone miserably & throughout the years, we had witnessed that even a slight flare of fire blazes the entire global order[2] whether it’s US invasion of Iraq[3], USSR invasion of Afghanistan[4], US proxy wars in Ukraine[5], Sudan[6] are the most prominent examples of traits of modern empires, countries: her valour, lustful urge to conquer every single factor in this small spherical world & justify it, later on, convincing the masses to be an ardent believer in equality & global cooperation to maintain it’s superiority & sneers its hegemony in the face of the third world in the form of sanctions & tariffs to bully weaker horses in this gruelling race. Its other motive is to avoid favouritism for a few parties & oppression of others. It skyrockets the surge of the economy of the first world & slumbers the same of the second & third world, which forces them to be puppets of the aristocrats & the sahebs of the world. It ultimately results in a situation like the African problems of plenty, where the continent is facing scarcity of basically every single necessity requisite for the survival of every individual on this planet, the orthodoxia, unstable Middle East, which led to the Arab Spring in 2011 & the Latin America fiasco which led to a breakup between the Americans & the Venezuelans.

India’s hand

Similarly, like a patriotic, responsible civil servant who had to step up to clean the filthy ancient order, palatinates like India are bid upon & can clean & transform the system forever & they can’t rely on isolation & segregation methods. There are many reasons for that. Firstly, she was ditched by her allies in challenging situations like the Indo-Pak[7] & Indo-Sino[8] wars, where our honourable intellectual prime minister Mr. Nehru wanted to be self-dependent & voice for the third world. His intentions were never malicious, but he forgot to accomplish that heart-touching dream; he had to focus firstly on the economy as, during that point in time, India was even slumber than our neighbour whose logic has reached all limits in this universe & is now the laughing stock of the world. Nevertheless, returning to the point, it was the period of the cold war[9] (US & USSR): the race between the two superpowers to prove & advance further to the illusionary crown & have the muscle over the world.

Steps to subdue the mess

 Due to this incident, the world was bifurcated into two ideological halves: capitalism & socialism. Hence every country has to ensure the parties over the incident which India had to clarify the same, but they did something different from others & it was completely unprecedented, which left both parties fuming & it was considered a bold play by Easterners & foolish by Westerners. They introduced a platform for the third world & developing nations named ‘The Non-Alignment Movement, forecasting the world that it was never their conflict & they wouldn’t support any of the parties. However, there wasn’t any unity in the organization, which became a major headache for her afterward. Secondly, she has to involve with a significant power to consolidate its survival on the planet, as we saw in the 1971 war[10] where the UK, USA & China withdrew their support for Pakistan after the USSR sent its naval submarine to safeguard the integrity & sovereignty of our country which we are forever solemnly thankful of otherwise there would have been a South-Asian Iraq. & third & lastly, the steps we are taking currently if we had taken previously, we would have the same built as the Chinese imperialists. She has to increase her value & importance so that more landmasses recognize & accept the fact & message India has been conveying for years[11] “India has always striven to work for global peace, cooperation & prosperity for all.”[12]


There isn’t a solitary sphere on the globe which isn’t filled with muddles. The complexity lies within & beneath every structure. It’s only the role of the responsible power[13] to cleanse & clear those so-called muddles & to carry every particular palatinate: from feeble to ferocious with self to compile, cooperate & collaborate to engender a global order contemplated & cherished by many which are only plausible if this aeon is in the full bloom of the mens rea possessed by our own instated/ elected representatives and the actus reus they are potently capable of which could cascade the orb to lows unprecedented to our gloomiest and lugubrious nightmares and predictions on the posterity of the mankind which would eventually peronate the reign of terror, hatred, sorrow, subjugation and hypnotism opening arms to an initiation of a posterity hauling a wave of beam, affection, comfort, liberation and stimulation to all irrespective of their palatinate, race, religion, colour and sex.

Author(s) Name: Arnav Jindal (Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak)


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