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Groundwater has always been a matter of concern and also plays a vital role in our day-to-day life but stays a hot topic only in summer such as any other season of the year the concern shall be


Groundwater has always been a matter of concern and also plays a vital role in our day-to-day life but stays a hot topic only in summer such as any other season of the year the concern shall be alarming every time someone uses it more than what he’s supposed to. The importance of water can be deduced from the clinical fact that our body is 66% composed of water and water available to us in form of Oceans (97.2%). Most of Earth is salt water in oceans and Glaciers. About 2.1% of Earth’s water is in glaciers Groundwater (0.65%) As a hidden source of water, we find groundwater everywhere Freshwater and Saline Lakes (0.017%) Only 0.009% of water is stored in lakes Soil Moisture (0.005%) Streams, wetlands, and swamps (0.001%). Looking at these stats we can see that the availability of fresh water available to us is merely negligible as compared to the total water portion available to us for drinking and the rising population is a matter of concern for the coming generation as sustainable growth and usage of resources are required. As the factual data suggests the availability of fresh water is merely 2.5% consisting of a glacier and fresh groundwater in the composite. Availability of water was never a problem for us but fresh drinkable water is.

Due to the climatic changes born out, rainwater is not so adequate to fulfil the daily needs of one in this growing population country. Showers are being used as a mode to take a bath which supplies limitless water connected to massive water tanks also them being reluctant in the course neglecting the exploitation of the resource. People consider the availability of resources exclusive to them but not for anyone. The time when people use to go out to the well and fetch water for their daily requirements kept the usage in check to the needs they had but coming with the revolution comes to the expenses born out by nature.

What leads to excessive water use? Here, we list a few of the factors that contribute to the overuse of freshwater. The growing demand for this resource by a global population that is expanding daily is one of the key factors contributing to the overexploitation of water. The threat presented by intense and unsustainable practices for the preservation of the resource and its quality is explained by the fact that agriculture consumes more than 75% of water reserves and that output levels are rising. Water stealing through unauthorized wells is a significant pressure as well.


In India, state administrations are in charge of enforcing legislation pertaining to the drilling of wells and borewells. No explicit legislation has been passed by the national government in this regard. However, the state governments are expected to follow specific recommendations on borewells that the federal government has established while drafting their regulations. Before digging a well or a borewell on your land, a commoner must get permission from the relevant authorities. State-to-state variations in the approval process are possible. You might need to apply for a license from the local panchayat or municipality in some states, whilst in others, you might need to apply to the Groundwater Department or a related organization.


People into supplying water tankers and water packaging seek no permission once allotted. As soon as the water is depleted at the level borewell was dug they somehow illegally get their thirst for more water to keep their business running quenched by digging deeper than what was prescribed to them to get their hands on the water they are not worthy of as being a citizen and part of environment everyone equally holds their share to not just water but every other resource. An increase in demand for water in summer leads their business to flourish and there comes the need for more water as the standard borewell size prescribed is 4.5 inches in diameter for domestic household work but they as making its commercial use increase the size to 6-8 diameters or more depending upon their greed for water. Increasing the depletion at a greater pace. They also after knowing and making contacts in the field reluctantly use water without seeking any prescribed permissions further there are instances where they use water with heavy pumps such devoids of others right on the water as such heavy pumps pull water from the taps from the people those who either don’t have motor pumps or are less powerful.


  1. should ask the respective department to keep a check on usage by installing some meters as installed in the daily water supply such as to look if one is using it for residential purposes or commercial.
  2. Campaigning shall be done in form of visual art or other effective modes to create awareness.
  3. A periodical inspection shall be planned by personnel to check for unauthorized excavation of water from the ground.
  4. Penalties shall be imposed on defaulters such as making it a punishable offence with hefty penalties levied.
  5. The general public shall be made aware of their rights and their infringement too.


The shortage of water and its unrestricted usage is a problem as with the growing population its sustainable usage is deemed to be done but is failing due to lack of awareness amongst people for conservation of water for a steady future on resources we own. Campaigns shall be organized to create awareness not only in elderly people but also some special courses shall also be introduced in pre-primary classes to create a sense of belongingness towards nature. Special provisions shall be added to the laws for those who flout them and set an example for others. As resources are scarce in nature they are meant to be preserved and taken care of for the coming generation as they shall not bear the expense of scarcity of resources at our cost.

Author(s) Name: Pulkit Bharadwaj (Chaudhary Charan Singh University)