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Webinar on Journey of a Practicing Advocate by Vidhi Parivartan (Register by March 23)


Vidhi Parivartan is a legal platform that seeks to hone the skill-sets of all the budding lawyers, aid the law students in all possible manner by optimum utilization of resources available at their disposal and thereby empower the legal fraternity eventually. The platform aspires to undertake host of short, medium and long-term activities and programmes for the legal community to enhance their professional, academic, extra-academic progression.

It’s committed for the cause of empowering especially the first generation lawyers who face innumerable hardships in the profession. Moreover, it aims to live up to its motto of ‘Nyaydaanam Shreshtam Daanam’ through every activity that it undertakes.


“Litigation is not for the faint of heart.”

If you have got the heart of a lion, with balls of steel, you might stand a chance at litigation.

Once you decide you would enter litigation, do know that it is not merely a career choice. Litigation is a life choice. You have chosen an adventure to embark on. You have chosen a path of lifelong learning and continuous self-development. If you do anything else, contrary to popular myths you may hear, you will stagnate at one level or the other. It’s going to be super-hard but it’s definitely going to be worth it. There will be great rewards if you succeed to tread this path.

That’s what we are going to talk about in this webinar. Hopefully this session will give you a clear vision towards litigation through the real-life experience of Advocate Jayant Bhatt and would let you choose the right direction for your legal career.


Jayant Bhatt, Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Mr. Bhatt is an Independent Lawyer based out of New Delhi, India. He holds dual Masters of Law (LL.M.) from New York University, USA & National University of Singapore, and is a member of the prestigious Supreme Court Bar Association and Delhi High Court Bar Association.

His office caters to varied clients comprising of Governmental and Non-Governmental Bodies, Multinationals, Financial Institutions, and Individuals in an array of matters.

Mr. Bhatt, besides being a practicing Advocate, is also a prolific speaker at various platforms and is an individual with firm belief in the greater societal good. He has a keen interest in teaching and mentoring young minds and is an advisory board member to various organizations. He regularly features in news articles and columns, and is also a writer and a thought leader.


“Journey of a practicing advocate | In conversation with Adv. Jayant Bhatt”


24th March, 2021(Wednesday)


Time: 5:00 PM onwards

Duration: 30 min to 50 min (including Q & A session)


The webinar will be conducted online.


  • Undergraduate Law Students
  • Young Lawyers, thinking to pursue LLM
  • Academicians


A phone/tablet/laptop and a stable internet connection


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The webinar is Free for all.


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