Webinar on How to deal with False Criminal Cases by Justvocates (Register by Sep 17)


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With increasing crime rate, atrocities and mayhem suffered by poor, women and senior citizens in India, the Indian Judiciary have espoused a very strict mode to deal with such type of complaints of offences and deterrence has been also used by the Indian Judiciary to punish the convicts and to control such crime. But, it’s not always veracious facts put before the police or court; as the proliferation of false and vexatious cases before the judiciary has been taken place for the past few decades. 

In this Webinar presided by ADVOCATE RAHUL TIWARI we will focus on false FIR and how one can get remedy from the Indian Judiciary in a case falsely implicated against him or her, what the legislature has done till now to tackle this menace and what can be done to bring a deterrent to it further covering how to fight a false criminal case.  JustVocates brings you a special opportunity to learn, especially, if you’re planning to practice in the field of criminal litigation.

Link to Registration – https://forms.gle/rUgGYeYiioutAzLk9

Date and Time – 18 September 2021, 11 am

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