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Webinar on Constitution & its Challenges by Vidhi Parivartan (Register by March 16)


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The Indian Constitution serves as both, a legal and a political document to the country. It has taken quite a while for the people of the nation to be open to the laws and the protective measures that have been provided to them through the law of land.

Since, we have a federal structure of the country; both the central and the state government are independent in their own spheres. This invites for the nation, a complex structure and mechanism for its functioning; aimlessly leading to some persistent issues in the country.

There are certain matters of legal as well as political intricacies that need to be looked upon once again as the nation strives to reach the pinnacle of success in adopting the law of this land in its complete sense. There are issues which demand the authority to delve into depths of reforms, proper allocation of resources and creation of a new realm of laws for the Indian citizens.

And these issues are aimed to be discussed in this webinar. So, do join in for this informative webinar.


Mr. Ashish Yadav, HOD of Law, Vikrant Group of Institution, Gwalior

Prof. Ashish Yadav is presently the Head of the Department at Vikrant Institute of Law, Gwalior.. Mr. Yadav has completed his Graduation BA.LL.B. and he is a Postgraduate LL.M in Criminal Law from the very esteemed School of law, Jiwaji University, Gwalior. Mr. Yadav has a number of research papers to his credit which are published in National and International Journals.


“Indian Constitution and it’s new challenges”


17th April, 2021(Saturday)


Time: 4:00 PM onwards

Duration: 60 min to 90 min (including Q & A session)


The webinar will be conducted online.


  • Undergraduate Law Students
  • Young Lawyers, thinking to pursue LLM
  • Academicians


A phone/tablet/laptop and a stable internet connection


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The webinar is Free for all.


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