About the Organization

LedX- Legal Education by Experts is a dedicated legal online learning platform, changing the way legal education is taught, delivered, and utilized. Our expertise across the vast courses and sectors covers varied and nuanced needs with a constantly evolving legal, regulatory, and business environment.  LedX is harnessing legal education through app-based learning, online professionals, and student community and course delivery beyond the traditional education system through a single platform, making legal education easily accessible worldwide. We are creating an ecosystem of Instructors, legal experts, working professionals who have deep knowledge and understating of law, content, and learners under one roof. We act as a tutor and guide to assist them in fulfilling their goals. We strive for excellence with each course. Students can access their courses virtually and from any location. Our online training programs are catered to individuals where we offer personalized, practical, and industry-based learning by expert mentors. With over 50 courses, 250 hours of content, 400 legal experts on board, 150 influencers, Live Classes, Innovative legal competitions, we are making sure of leaving no stone unturned for our student’s growth and development in the professional environment.  This platform is an output of research and consultation conducted by Think-Tanks and pioneers of legal education aiming to impart legal education in every nook and corner of the country, regardless of geography, Institutional affiliations, or professional obligations; an opportunity to become certified experts in the disciple of law, trained by experts of the legal fraternity and enhancing your educational and professional qualifications.

About the Competition

The JUDICIAL OPINION WRITING COMPETITION, 2022, organized by LedX presents an exciting opportunity to law students to step into the shoes of a judge and deliver a well articulated opinion on a landmark judgement. The participants are expected to base their writing on a thorough and diligent appreciation of the factual matrix. The competition encourages innovative opinions that have meticulously examined and applied relevant legal concepts.

The main advantage of this contest is to cultivate the art of writing opinions on judgments . The students are given the feel of assuming the role of the judge. While performing this role, sometimes they would modify the judgments, at times they would supply the missing judge on the bench, say by engaging in feminist or ablistic styles of judicial reasoning.

“The students are mandated to do research, to explore possible criticism against the judgment and to only write a judgement for this competition, which is a dissent opinion for an existing landmark judgment.”

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