Internship Opportunity at LiveLaw, New Delhi


Law impacts society in a big way and is deeply embedded in our social world. The pursuit of social change, therefore, involves an engagement with the law. In India, the social dimension of the law becomes especially relevant considering the fact that legal services remain largely inaccessible to the common man. During the past five decades, law and the legal profession have undergone a metamorphosis, not just in India but the world over. Both have matured as a natural response to the world becoming a global village. Today, there are also new challenges and newer forms of competition. Those in the bar and the bench are expected to perform their roles with greater ethics and more responsibility. Live Law is a comprehensive legal news portal and is set to redefine the standards of legal journalism in India. Our endeavour is to bring in more transparency in legal reporting without lowering the supremacy of law.


Live Law is seeking law interns in Delhi who see Law beyond the traditional fields. The position entails Visual media work, including not limiting to legal research, preparing questions, and basic visual media work etc.


Interested Candidates are required to send an email mentioning their Name, Email Id, Contact Details and Duration of Internship along with their updated CV at