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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal invites applications from Advocates/Counsels on the Panel of the Department of Legal Affairs (DLA), Ministry of Law and Justice, to constitute/engage panel Counsels to represent the Institute before various Courts and other judicial bodies.


All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhopal is a medical research public university and Institute of National Importance, located in the Saket Nagar suburb of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.


  1. The Panel of Advocates of AIIMS, Bhopal shall consist of legal experts from various branches of Law especially Company Law, Service Law, Labour Law, Taxation Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Property Law, Intellectual Law, Commercial Law, Cyber Law, Consumer Law, IP Law, Criminal Law, POSH law, etc.
  2. The Advocates on the Panel will deal with various matters i.e. Service, Academic, Admission, Labour, Recruitment, Reservation, Estate, and Sexual Harassment, etc. pertaining to the Institute and render opinions /advice as required.


The initial empanelment will be for a period of one year. The empanelment would be reviewed after one year. The Advocate already empaneled would be eligible for empanelment subject to satisfactory performance.


  1. The Advocate shall not advise any party to accept any case against Institute, in which he/she has appeared or is likely to be called upon to appear for advice that is likely to affect or lead to litigation against Institute.
  2. The timely appearance of the counsel to contest the cases for the Institute in the court is a must. His/Her absence in the court without any reasonable ground will not be accepted and Institute may consider to de-impanel such Advocate.
  3. Institute will send the information to the impaneled Advocates, regarding entrusting of a case, and after receiving information, it is the duty of the impaneled advocate to collect the brief/ copy of the petition along with the entrustment letter from the legal cell of the Institute.
  4. The Advocate shall accept the terms and conditions of the empanelment prescribed by the Institute without any condition.
  5. It will be mandatory for impaneled Advocate to visit the concerned office of the Institute as and when required to handle cases efficiently.
  6. In order to ensure that there is an effective check on the cases being conducted, the Advocates on the panel must report the status of the cases after each date of hearing. Failure to submit a status report will be a ground for removal of the name of the Advocate concerned from the panel.
  7. The Advocate will be required to keep Institute informed and updated on all important development in the designated Cases, dates of hearing, orders of the court on the date of pronouncement, supplying copies of judgment, etc.
  8. The Advocate will be required to furnish monthly statements about the cases represented by him/her before the High Court or any other authority and their outcomes without fail.
  9. Drafting and vetting of Agreements, MoUs, Contracts, RFPs, Tenders Eol, etc.
  10. Drafting and proceeding with Legal Notices and /reply to the notices.
  11. To provide Legal Opinion on queries raised.
  12. Drafting and vetting of affidavits, applications, petitions, replies, written statements, rejoinders, caveats, and any other legal document including deeds, regulations, etc.
  13. Drafting of miscellaneous applications, and replying to miscellaneous applications.
  14. To perform such other duties of legal nature that may be assigned by the Institute from time to time.


  1. The Advocate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Law which is conferred by the University and recognized by the Bar Council of India.
  2. The Advocate must be enrolled with the Bar Council of India/ State Bar Council.
  3. The Advocate/Law Firms should have sound knowledge about various branches of law Company Law, Service Law, Labour Law, Taxation Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Cyber Law, Consumer Law, IPR Law, Criminal Law, POSH law, etc.
  4. The Advocate should have a minimum of 15 years of professional/Court experience in a relevant court in handling cases of Government organizations, educational Institutes, and Autonomous Bodies, mainly in the following Courts:-
  • Supreme Court
  • High Court
  • Central Administrative Tribunal
  • District Court
  • Arbitration
  • Labour Court
  • Other Court & Forums
  1. The Advocate/Law Firms should be well versed with the AIIMS Act, Rules and Regulations framed thereunder.
  2. The Advocates should furnish their areas of Specialization.
  3. The Advocate should provide a copy of the registration of the Bar Association of respective courts.
  4. The Advocate shall apply for only one specific field i.e. Civil Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law, Patent Law, etc.


Interested candidates may click the link  fill out the application form provided below and submit the same at AIIMS Bhopal.


August 1, 2023