International E-Conference on ‘Contemporary Challenges in the Effective Implementation of Consumer Laws’ by Central University of South Bihar


CUSB was established under the Central Universities Act, 2009, with the motto, “Collective Reasoning”. The University has been conducting its academic and other activities in its campus which extends over 300 acres at Panchanpur (near Gaya town). The School of Law and Governance is a pioneer in grooming modern day legal professionals with a multidisciplinary edge by providing specialization in Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law, Constitutional Law, Taxation Law, International Trade & Investment, Banking, Finance & Insurance, IPR, Environment Law and Medical & Forensic Law.


Law is a social science and it is closely linked with society. A society cannot remain static and therefore, law in order to meet the changing requirements should keep abreast of time. It is not fanciful omnipotence in the sky but a flexible instrument of social order, dependent on the political and other values of the society which it purports to regulate. School of Law and Governance, CUSB is contributing towards legal education which helps in bringing and establishing socio-economic justice. The School of Law and Governance purports to provide quality legal education to the law students by taking into consideration the changing needs of the society and in the changing era of globalization. At the same time, this department also purports to provide traditional views of legal education and research as well because they have become relic of the past.


The Legal Aid Clinic of any law school is one of the most important student bodies with an attitude to impart the students an enriching experience by providing them with practical exposure that goes hand in hand with the academics. The committee aims to mould well informed and aware citizens of the country on women rights and provide room of discourse, dissent, and discussion in the student community. The Legal Aid Clinic at Central University of South Bihar under the astute guidance of Faculty Coordinator Dr. Deo Narayan Singh, Assistant Professor, SLG, CUSB is in its 9th year of continuous functioning since its inception. The Legal Aid Clinic has organized prison visits and conducted various social awareness programs in schools and villages. National Conferences & Quiz competitions have also been organized to raise awareness about importance of legal services among the budding lawyers.


The conference will comprise of eminent resource persons from India & foreign who shall be delivering lectures on the ongoing trends in the area of Consumer law practice and advocacy. The students of law will get benefitted through this seminar along with gaining knowledge on the worldwide happenings around consumer law. The earlier Act of Consumer law (1986 Act) has been repealed by the new Act of 2019. Series of new addition has been brought through the new Act. The students who had learnt the consumer law before 2019 enactment would receive insights about the changes ushered in by the new Act and would learn about the emerging trends in this area.

The speakers for this event are reputed authorities in the area of Consumer Law. We are proposing the illuminating upcoming experience to students of law as a whole. The seminar is being conducted at an international level to provide the young law students with exposure and great value addition.

Sub – Themes:
  • Comparative study of Consumer rights in south Asia with special reference to Nepal.
  • Future of ODR as a mode of resolution of consumer disputes in India
  • Laws and Reality of Consumer Rights in Bangladesh.
  • Challenges ahead with respect to the Consumer dispute resolution in the globalized world.
  • (Dr.) M. K. Padhy, Banaras Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Christine Richardoson, Dean, Faculty of Law, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Sushila, Associate Professor, National Law University, Delhi, India
  • Balram Prasad Raut, Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Vandana Singh, Assistant Professor, USLLS, GGSIPU, Delhi, India
  • Sapna Chadah, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, India
  • Vijay Prasad Jayshwal, Assistant Professor, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Last Date for Registration: 24th February, 2022

Conference Date: 25th & 26th February, 2022

Registration Fee: NIL

E-Certificate shall be provided to all the participants!!

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