Internation Seminar on Relevance Of United Nations In The Context Of Talibanisation Of Afghanistan And Ensuing Humanitarian & Economic Crisis by Amity University Madhya Pradesh (AUMP)

Amity University Madhya Pradesh has grown leaps and bounds since its inception in 2011 and now is a well-known name not only in Madhya Pradesh but also nationwide. It has a 100-acre campus in the city of Gwalior and has proved to be a point of preference for the students looking to pursue various UG and PG courses.

Amity University Madhya Pradesh (AUMP) which has been ranked as the top private University in Madhya Pradesh is organizing a One Day International Seminar on RELEVANCE OF UNITED NATIONS IN THE CONTEXT OF TALIBANISATION OF AFGHANISTAN AND ENSUING HUMANITARIAN & ECONOMIC CRISIS’ in an effort to provide a forum to discuss various facets of Talibanisation of Afghanistan on 25th February 2022.

Proposed sub themes of the Seminar (but not limited to) are as
mentioned below and research papers will be invited from scholars and
professionals across the country on these themes:

1. Retrospective Legitimacy of Talibanisation of the Islamic State.
2. Talibanisation in the Pakistani region.
3. International Politics after Talibanisation.
4. India`s view over the recognition of Taliban rule.
5. Talibanization of Education.
6. Afghani Women after Talibanization.
7. Media Freedom under the regulatory measures of Taliban.


Last date for submission of Abstract: 1st February 2022

Last date for submission of Full Papers: 15th February 2022

Date of AUMP International Seminar: 25th February 2022



Before 01/02/2022

After 01/02/2022

For Indian Students & Research Scholars

Rs. 400

Rs. 600

For Indian Industry & Faculties

Rs. 600

Rs. 800

For Foreign Students & Research Scholars

$ 10

$ 15

For Foreign Industry & Faculties

$ 15

$ 20



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Note: Send the duly filled Registration Form along with the scanned copy of Payment Details at with subject ‘Registration for National Seminar’ and send your Abstract along with the same.


Event Coordinators

Dr. Rakhi Singh Chouhan, Associate Professor, ALS,

Contact: +91 9425619917,

Dr. Sandeep Kulshrestha , Associate Professor, ALS

Student Coordinator

Mr. Rohit Pathak: Contact: +91 7974157275

Mr. Mudit Goswami: Contact: +91 7440585708