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First Hybrid Moot Court Competition by IMS Law College, Noida (Register by April 20)


IMS Law College, Noida: Established in 2004, in Sector-62, Noida, IMS Law College, Noida runs under the auspices of IMS Society, a non-profit making body. IMS Law College is the first college in Noida to start B.A., LL.B 5 Years integrated course. The College is approved by Bar Council of India, recognized by University Grant Commission(UGC) and affiliated to the Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut.


Moot court society is a student body of IMS law college Noida. The  society is being graced by: President, IMS- Shri Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Dean academics- Dr. Manju Gupta, Dean law- Prof. (Dr.) K.S. Bhati, Faculty Convenor-  HOD (Dr.) Bhavana Arora.

It has conducted various Intra moots courts , Trial advocacies and various workshops for the students to have basic understanding and knowledge about mooting and researching. It also has conducted various seminars on the prevelant laws and on going issues. The Society has managed to conduct a National Moot court and a National Seminar successfully.


 Mooting is one of the most essential skills for any law professional. Moots Courts or Mock Trials are usually based on hypothetical cases, involving emerging or unsettled area of law. Law students, who participate in these activities, are given opportunity to develop their research, legal writing and oral advocacy skills in a mock courtroom setting. Additionally, moot court presentation includes professional legal etiquettes in the students which equip them to adapt with court room practices.

The 1st Hybrid National Moot Court Competition, 221 has been introduced to students pursuing the law course during these times, to try and enhance the research and advocacy skills among the coming generation of legal fraternity. This moot will enrich the students with their research as well as mooting skill and our endeavor would be to carry forward the chain of law learning process even during this time of pandemic.


  • To bring a different perspective of the same case before the judges and the audience.
  • Student can analyze a problem with a proper legal background and help them demonstrate the same before a panel of judges after proper arguments in ethical and      professional manner.
  • It brings the Law graduates close to real courtroom environment where they are called upon to solve the problems in a short span of time.


The following terms shall have the corresponding meanings unless otherwise specified:

  1. a) ‘Competition’ shall refer to IMS 1 st Hybrid National Moot Court Competition,2021

. b) ‘Competition rules’ shall refer to the official rules of the competition as amended from time to time.

  1. c) ‘Knock out round’ shall refer to Semi-finals and Final rounds of the competition.
  2. d) ‘Memorial’ shall refer to the memorandum of written submissions submitted by any participating team as per the Competition Rules.
  3. e) ‘Organizing Committee’ (hereinafter to be referred as O.C.) shall refer to the committee appointed for the administration and conduct of the competition including any other authorized persons, and all events leading up to the competition.
  4. f) ‘Official Email’ shall refer to the official email id of the Moot Court Society, i.e.. [email protected]
  5. g) ‘Selection Committee’ shall consist of Dean, Head of Department and Faculty Convener.
  6. h) ‘Advanced rounds’ shall include the pre-rounds and semi-final round of the competition.
  7. i) ‘Hybrid Moot’ shall refer to online as well as offline mode of moot. The participant shall choose the mode according to their preference, in the registration form. However, the final mode will be conveyed to the participating team after the registrations are closed.


  1. a) All students who are pursuing 5-year LL.B. or 3-year LL.B. programs from recognized Law Schools, Universities and Institutions in India and abroad shall be eligible to participate.
  2. b) Each participating team shall comprise minimum two (2) and maximum three (3) members, in case of 3-member team, third member will be researcher and he won’t be allowed to speak. Participants are not allowed to change their role in any case. A maximum number of two teams shall participate from a college/institution.
  3. c) No team shall contradict the composition mentioned above. No faculty member, coach, or a designated observer will be allowed to join the video-conferencing or chatroom during the session.
  4. d) The language of the competition should be ‘English’.


(i) Preliminary Round

(ii) Semi Final Round

(iii) Final Round

 NOTE: The preliminary round shall be conducted through virtual platform or pre-submitted video. The same information will be conveyed to the participants after the registration is closed. Other Rounds shall be conducted through virtual platform only


 The Oral Rounds shall be conducted through Zoom. The participants shall receive a link for their respective court rooms. Each Virtual Court room shall have participants from two teams, Judges, and two Bailiffs. However, the Organizers may at several instances join in any of the Court Rooms for inspection. Each person in the Virtual Court Room shall keep their video cameras turned on and the microphone turned off (mute) and only such person shall keep their microphone turned on whenever they are required to speak. Please note, that the organizer may also switch to a different platform if any technical issue arises, and the same shall be notified to all the teams in advance.


a) Last date of registration shall be 20 April, 2021.

b) The memorial must be submitted by 24 April, 2021.

c) The registration fee for the team is INR 1100/- per team.

d) Fee once paid is non-refundable.


  • To register click on “link” provided.
  • Take a screenshot of your payment and upload the same at the required place in Google form.
  • The registration shall be deemed complete only when the Registration Fee has been remitted successfully, the Application Form is duly filled and the screenshot of payment is submitted.
  • Once the application form is filled, the O.C. shall send a confirmation mail allotting a team code to all teams [within 24 hours of registration].
  • The link for joining the competition shall be sent before the day of the competition. Rules and Regulations
  • The team shall quote Team Code in all further communication with the O.C.

 NOTE: Any change in rules and regulations is subject to the discretion of organizer, however, any such change will be intimated to participants within stipulated time.


Please register through the following link:


  • Each team in the competition must prepare a memorial on behalf of theApplicant and the Respondent, i.e., from both sides.
  • Each team must send its Memorial via email to the O.C. by 24 April, 2021, by 11:59 PM. Please note that NO HARD COPIES ARE TO BE SUBMITTED.
  • The memorial must contain the following parts only:
  1. a) Cover Page (Blue for the Applicant and Red for the Respondent);
  2. b) Table of Contents;

c )  Index of Authorities;

  1. d) Statement of Jurisdiction;
  2. e) Statement of Facts;
  3. f) Issue raised;
  4. g) Summary of Arguments;
  5. h) Pleading (including conclusion/prayer for relief.

NOTE: The table of contents must be hyperlinked for the ready reference of the juged.

 (iv) Formatting Specifications:

For Main Text:

  1. Font type: Times New Roman
  2. Font size: 12
  3. Line spacing: 1.5
  4. Body of text: Justified

For Heading:

  1. Font type: Times New Roman
  2. Font size: 14

For Cover Page:

  1. Font type: Times New Roman
  2. Font size: 16

(v) Team Code: The “Team Code” must be ascribed on the top right corner of the cover page. The written submission shall no-where mention any particulars of the team except “Team Code”. There must be no mention of name, contact number, email id, university name, etc.

 COMPENDIUM has to be submitted to the organizing committee through email at the time of memorial submission. The Compendium should only be one PDF file, for easy accessibility of the judge.


 (i)  Memorial from each side shall carry a total of 100 marks in terms of the break up as provided below.

(ii)  The scoring factor shall include but not be limited to knowledge of facts and law, analysis of the legal proposition, extent and use of research, clarity and organization, originality, grammar and style.

 (iii)  In the preliminary round consolidated score shall be calculated out of 600 marks. The breaking of marks will be 100 marks for the memorial of each side (Applicant and Respondent) and 200 marks for the oral round, which shall be conducted on zoom or by pre-recorded video of each speaker (100 marks as Applicant and 100 marks as Respondent). Pre-recorded videos shall be scored as per the oral round criteria for the speaker as mentioned below. In case of a tie, highest memorial marks will be taken into consideration for selection to the next round.

 (iv)  Memorial: Following would be the criteria for judging the memorandum:

  1. a) Knowledge of law and fact                                                                                         20
  2. b) Interpretation of law and its application                                                             20
  3. c) Research Capabilities                                                                                                   20
  4. d) Concept Clarity                                                                                                               20
  5. e) Correct usage of language, grammar, style and citation sources              20

(v)    Advanced Oral Round:

  1. a) After clearing preliminary round top 4 teams will be selected for the semi-final round.
  2. b) Memorial from each side shall carry a total of 100 marks in term of break up as provided below.
  3. c) The scoring factor shall include but be limited to knowledge of facts and law, analysis of the legal proposition, extent and use of research, clarity and organization, originality, grammar and style.

 D ) In the advanced round, consolidated score shall be calculated out of a total of 200 marks (100 marks per speaker).

  1. e) In case of a tie, team with the higher memorial score shall be adjudged winner of the round.
  2. f) In case the tie persists, the team with the highest individual score of speakers in the round shall be adjudged winner of the round.

 (vi)   Speaker: The criterion for the scoring of speakers is as follows:

  1. a) Knowledge/Interpretation of law                                              20
  2. b) Application of law to the facts of the case                             20
  3. c) Ability to answer questions                                                          20
  4. d) Style, poise, courtesy, body language                                    20
  5. e) Time management/teamwork coordination                       20


 (i)   The O.C. reserves the right to amend, modify, change or repeal any of the competition rules at any stage. The O.C. shall communicate any changes made in the competition rules to the participating teams.

 (ii)  If any team (s) believes that violation of the rules of the competition has taken place at any stage of the competition, the team (s) within half an hour after the competition of the round in which violation has allegedly occurred should register a complaint with the Grievance Cell which shall be constituted specifically for such purpose. Teams under no circumstances shall approach the Judges with any complaints.

 (iii)   The decision of Faculty Convener shall be final in all matters connecting the competition.

(iv)   The Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss or slow internet connection during competition. All the participants are requested to arrange a sound internet connection at their end. Rules and Regulations


 Attractive Cash Prizes; Certificate of Participation to all the participants; Letter of Appreciation to team having exceptional performance.


Teams are required to transfer the registration fee/amount to the details mentioned below:

 Name – IMS Law College

Account Number – 917020057451647

 IFSC Code – UTIB0000723


 Branch – Section 62, Noida


Last Date of Registration: 20 April, 2021

 Last Date for Clarification Regarding Moot Problem: 21 April, 2021

Last Date for submission of Memorial: 24 April, 2021

Preliminary and Semi-Final rounds: 28 April, 2021

Final Round: 29 April, 2021


Patron:  Mr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta (President, IMS – Noida)

Chief Convener: Dr. Manju Gupta (Dean, Academics)

Dr. K.S. Bhati (Dean, IMS Law College)

Faculty Coordinator: Mrs. Bhawna Arora (Program Coordinator, Law; Faculty Convener, MCS)


 Dr. Vikalp Shrivastava                                                       Mr. Govind Prasad Goel

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dev                                                                      Mrs. Pinky Singh

 Mrs. Ektaa Jha                                                                                    Mrs. Shruti Shrivastava

Student Coordinators:-

Ankit Rana Contact – 9871205569                                                

Gulshan Baisoya Contact – 999017175

Vishwas Pandey Contact – 9319804608                                       A

Aditi Pandey Contact – 9140129835