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 The changing dynamics within society underscore the importance of imparting legal education. It must empower people and helps them stay aware of their rights and responsibilities. The change in activities and business practices necessitates an intricate understanding of the laws. Team Lex Auxilium aims to impart legal education and inculcate values that stand to benefit the masses. We also aspire to create awareness about the existing legal rights and remedies among those seeking relief. We at Lex Auxilium aim to build a holistic environment for our subscribers by creating and maximizing opportunities for law students and aspiring lawyers. We wish to provide them with enriching opportunities that maximize their career potential by hosting webinars, online internships, and website publications.

What we Do-

  1. Lex publishes research articles, blogs on legal issues, write- ups about eminent jurists and judges and also news updates related to various legal issues in the country. You can follow us at various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  2. We are also the Digital Partners for Institute of Legal Studies, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University’s National Webinar on “Intellectual Property Rights & Impact of COVID-19 on Law and Society held on 29th May- 01 June2020.
  3. As promised Lex since its inception have been trying to act as a bridge between the law students and the legal professionals by organizing regular webinars on various topics related to law. You can read more about the webinars conducted by us visiting our website
  4. Lex has also conducted virtual internship in association with law firms. We are currently conducting our first batch of internship with over 40 intern’s pan-India with KS Legal and Associates, a Mumbai based Law Firm.
  5. Lex has also conducted its First National Virtual Quiz Competition on 2nd June 2020 where 50 participants had participated from various Law Schools of The competition consisted of three rounds namely the Preliminary Round, the Picture Round and the Rapid Fire Round.
  6. Lex has also conducted its First Virtual National Debate Competition on 29thJune, 2020 where 40 participants had participated. The competition consisted of three rounds i.e. the Preliminary Round, Semi-Final Rounds and the Final Round. The topics for each round were different and the language of the competition was both English and Hindi.
  7. Lex is also conducting its second batch of virtual internship program from 10th October 2020- 31st


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Marwadi University:- Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at Marwadi University is poised to create the finest legal professionals in the Country. With the support of profound academicians, a superlative top management, industry contacts with lawyers and corporates, the team is confident of making a mark in this prestigious profession. The vision of the university is to be an institution of global excellence in legal education, training & research for the advancement of rules of law and justice. The mission of the university is to impart in-depth legal knowledge, inculcate ethical values, analytical reasoning & to blend theoretical learning with practical application of law for creating legal professionals who are trusted advisors and advocates of rules of law and justice. The University works on values of Ethics, Justice, Integrity, Academic Excellence, Diversity and Professionalism.


  • There shall be individual participation, no team participation will be allowed.
  • The participants shall be given their respective sides for argument at the time of
  • Clarifications regarding the bail problem can be submitted upto 12th November, 2020
  • The scoring criteria of the oral rounds shall include the following:

S. No




Knowledge of Facts



Application of Laws to the Fact and Interpretation



Clarity of Thoughts and Expression



Court Etiquettes



Rebuttal and response to questions






  • The participants shall be given 9 minutes for oral arguments and 1 minute for rebuttal/sur-rebuttal.
  • The Competition will be conducted through the online platform Zoom/Google Meets. Further, relevant details will be provided to the participating post their registration.
  • All the participants should appear in a formal dress.
  • The decision of the judge is final and no challenge to the decision will be tolerated.
  • All decisions made by the organizers are binding. Any usurpation of the above- given norms will lead to direct disqualification from the competition.
  • In case of any dispute arising out in the interpretation of the rules, or otherwise, the decision of the organizers would be final and binding. The organizers will have the exclusive authority to interpret these Rules.

No. of Rounds

  • Preliminary Rounds
  • Quarter Final Rounds (One-Fourth of total no of participants)
  • Semi- Finals(Top-4)
  • Finals (Top-2)

Important Dates

  1. Last Date for Seeking Clarification:-12th November, 2020
  2. Release of List of Clarifications:– 15th November, 2020
  3. Last Date to Register:-19th November, 2020
  4. Date of Competition:- 21st– 22nd November, 2020
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Pay via G-Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm (UPI) on 8005509747

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On successful payment/transfer of Registration fees fill the registration form through the link given below and upload the screenshot of the successful payment on the said number in the same registration form. No registration will be accepted without the screenshot of the successful payment of the registration fees.

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 Kalpana Singh was a 23-year-old girl who was pursuing her degree from Rajiv Gandhi  College  of Engineering, Kota. She was a very bright student who has made two inventions during her studies. A bright career awaited her as not only she was the topper of her batch, but also she had interned with some acclaimed MNC’s of the country. In her fourth year at college, she came close with a friend who was pursuing MBA from the same college, Pramod Singh, who also was a brilliant student. Pramod was into a luxurious lifestyle, while kalpana was a sober girl from a middle-class background. In 2009, their families were introduced to each other, and on 9th of November 2010, they got married according to Hindu rites and customs. Kalpana moved into her matrimonial home with Pramod’s parents, sister and grandmother, and started a life as well as her career along with Pramod in kota city. She had some differences with her in laws on many occasions, but the matter was mostly settled amicably. With the passage of time their practice was not going as expected. Pramod wanted to maintain his high life style, which saw the family in a near financial crisis. Kalpana gave birth to a baby girl on 12thDecember 2012. Pramod then took a loan from Kalpana’s parents of Rs. 5,00,000 which he later refused to return. Due to which Kalpana’s relation with him deteriorated and on many occasions, fights turned physical also. When in drunken state, Pramod used to blame Kalpana for being from a family of beggars. This remark hurt her a lot and once she even tried to slit her wrists and end her life but was saved by her sister in law. After the incident, the physician did prescribe some medicines for Kalpana and also advised her to consult a psychiatrist.

Somewhere in August 2013, Kalpana used to vomit quite frequently, and sometimes she even had complaints of blood vomiting. Pramod got worried about it and took her to a doctor immediately, after examining her, the doctors informed the family that she was suffering from dysthymia. It is after sometime around October 2013, Kalpana used to fell sick quite often, her in laws agitated by the same, called Kalpana’s Parents to take her back from her matrimonial house, but the parents refused to do so and told the in laws to take care of her. The husband Pramod took care of her health and fulfilled his duties of a caring husband. He also took loan for the medical treatment of his wife.

After sometime Kalpana went to her parent’s home and told Pramod that she would never return. But her parents convinced her to return to her in laws. By the grace of god on 20th April 2014 Kalpana gave birth to a baby boy which lead the family further to a financial mess. Money lenders used to threaten Pramod over the phone, and in turn he used to vent his frustration on Kalpana. She in turn became more agitated and started suffering from depression as well as mood swings. On 4th January 2015, neighbors saw Kalpana running out of the house with her sari on fire. Her mother in law was running after her shouting that Kalpana was out of her mind to do something like this. She collapsed on the road, from where she was taken to hospital and admitted with 88% burns, where doctors declared her unfit to record her statement immediately. Her condition improved briefly on the morning of January 5, when the police was called. She gave her dying declaration before Sohan Lal sub Inspector of police, on the same day at 11.00 hours. In the declaration she accused her mother-in-law Urmila Singh and Pramod of setting her on fire and died at 12.30 hours on the same day. The police sent the body for post mortem examination. Police also conducted a search of the house. Kalpana’s mother in law and husband were arrested from the house and were sent to judicial custody. The FIR was registered against all the accused on the basis of statements of dying declaration. The charge sheet was filed against all the persons guilty of crime in the court. The medical report confirmed that Kalpana died because of 88% burn injuries. The trial of the case is about to start in the court of sessions. The counsel for the accused filed a bail application in the court. Argue for and against the bail application.


 1. Dying declaration

I was working in the kitchen and I suddenly felt a blast of fire on my back. In no time, my saree was on fire. I saw my mother-in-law standing behind me, so I ran outside for help. My mother-in-law chased me so that she could stop me from getting any help from neighbors. Then I fell on the road and both Pramod and my mother- in-law did nothing.

Kalpana Singh

2.   Search Report

After conducting complete search of the house, we found these items.

  1. A burnt can of kerosene oil in Kitchen.
  2. a suicide note by Kalpana Singh dated 9th November 2014.
Sohan Lal Sub-Inspector
  1. Post Mortem Report

The Post mortem was conducted by Dr. Siddharth. As to the cause of death it was opined that the deceased had died due to burns.  The dead body was of an adolescent female, normal built, moderate nourishment and fair complexion. The eyes were closed, pupil were dilated and fixed

Following ante-mortem injuries were found on the body of the deceased:

  • Deep burns were present on the posterior aspect of the neck extending on to the lateral aspects of the neck. Similarly deeply burnt areas were present between the two shoulders and the occipital scalp. Superficial to deep burns were present on the posterior aspect of both the arms and on the lateral aspect of the chest. Muscular planes of the upper back region, posterior neck and of shoulder regions were exposed and charred. Blackening was present on the burnt areas. No erythema, line of redness or vital reaction was present at the burnt areas.
  • A Crescentic shaped reddish abrasion of size 0.6 cm X 0.2 cm, was vertically placed just above the middle of the left eyebrow.
  • A Crescentic shaped reddish abrasion of size 0.4 cm X 0.1 cm, was vertically placed parallel and medial to injury no2.
  • A reddish abrasion 3 cm X 2.2 cm, was present on the left temple.
  • A reddish abrasion 2.6 cm X 1 cm, was present on the upper neck region just beneath the ramus of mandible, 1.9 cm medial to the right angle of mandible.

Statements by the accused

  1. Statement of Pramod Singh

I was sleeping in my room when I heard loud screams. I rushed out of my room and saw that Kalpana’s saree was on fire and my mother screaming for help. By the time I could do anything, she ran outside the house. I was totally numb for some moment and could not even move. But then I regained my senses and instead of going behind her, I ran to the bathroom to fetch water. When I reached on the spot with water, my mother and neighbors were there trying to douse the fire. Someone had already called the ambulance and then we took her to the Hospital.

Pramod Singh

 a.   Statement of Urmila(mother-in-law)

I was in the lobby outside kitchen when I heard loud noise of utensils and cries of Kalpana. Then to my shock I saw Kalpana burning. I tried to help her but she ran away from me. I screamed and cried for help. Still I ran behind her to save her. She must have done this to herself. She had tried it in the past also.



  • Winner:- Cash Prize of 1000/- + Certificate of Merit + One Free Publication in Blog of LEX AUXILIUM.COM + Certificate of Publication + 20% Discount on Certificate Course on Advanced Criminal Litigation and Procedure offered by LEXAUXILIUM.COM and MANU LEGAL + Internship Opportunity at Manu Legal with a stipend for a month.
  • Runners Up:-Cash Prize of Rs. 800/- + Certificate of Merit + Free Publication in Blog of LEXAUXILIUM.COM and Certificate of Publication + 20% Discount on Certificate Course on Advanced Criminal Litigation and Procedure offered by LEXAUXILIUM.COM and MANU LEGAL+ Internship Opportunity at Manu Legal with a stipend for a month.
  • Best Advocate:-Cash Prize of Rs. 500/- + Certificate of Merit + Free Publication in Blog of LEX AUXILIUM.COM and Certificate of Publication+ 20% Discount on Certificate Course on Advanced Criminal Litigation and Procedure offered by LEXAUXILIUM.COM and MANU LEGAL+ Internship Opportunity at Manu Legal with a stipend for a month.
  • Semi- Finalists:-Cash Prize of Rs. 200/- to each semi-finalist + Certificate of Merit + Free Publication in Blog of LEX AUXILIUM.COM and Certificate of Publication + 20% Discount on CertificateCourseonAdvancedCriminalLitigationandProcedureofferedby LEXAUXILIUM.COM and MANU LEGAL+ Internship Opportunity at Manu Legal with a stipend for a month.
  • Participants:-Certificate of Participation to all the participants + 20% Discount on Certificate Course on Advanced Criminal Litigation and Procedure offered by LEXAUXILIUM.COM and MANULEGAL






21st November 2020


Inaugural Ceremony


2:00 PM -2:30 PM


21stNovember 2020 (Day-1)

Briefing of the Participants about the Competition.

2:30 PM- 3:00 PM


21st November 2020 (Day-1)

Preliminary Round

3:00 PM- 6:00 PM


21st November 2020 (Day-1)

Declaration of Results of Preliminary Round

7:00 PM


22nd November 2020


Quarter Final Round

10:00 AM-11:30 AM


22ndNovember 2020 (Day-2)

Declaration of Results

of Quarter Final Rounds

12:00 PM


22nd November 2020


Semi-Finals Round

12:00 PM- 1:30



22nd November 2020 (Day-2)

Declaration of Results of Semi-Finals Round

2:15 PM


22nd November 2020 (Day-2)


3:00 PM-4:30 PM


22ndNovember 2020 (Day-2)

Declaration of Results and Valedictory Session

5:00 PM